Where to Buy Your Student Essentials

It’s important to stock up on the best equipment and resources for your university course. That’s not always easy when you live in a new area where you don’t know the best places to shop or you are low on funds having spent most of your loan on computer games and going out in Fresher’s week. Therefore, to help you prepare for the year ahead, we have come up with some tips on how to get the best stuff for your chosen subject and not pay a premium.

Art Supplies

If you are at the beginning of your art studies you may still be finding your preferred medium, therefore it’s a good idea to go to supplier who has a wide range of products across multiple disciplines. Websites such as George Weil have a massive selection of products including everything from screen printing to tapestry weaving. They also have a ‘buy more and save’ offer so you can try a variety of products, find the medium for you and save money while you experiment.

Geography and Humanities

With a variety of equipment and resources required for a degree in geography it can be expensive business so the best thing to do is try and borrow what you can from your faculty. If you would rather own your materials, Mapmarketing offer a great line in bespoke maps produced by expert cartographers. They also stock a variety of fieldwork equipment such as clinometers and weather instruments. The London-based supplier also offer free delivery on orders over £45.


English Lit

English Literature is one of the easier courses to prepare yourself for. Most university towns and cities have second hand book shops where previous students have donated books which are on the reading list. There is also no shortage of online books stores and there are ways of getting the books you need online for less. Amazon’s marketplace has second hand books at great prices, the Book Depository ships internationally for free and has some great offers whereas you cannot go wrong with a book from the Wordworth Classics range at only £1.99.


Business Studies

As well as the above book shops which also stock Business Studies titles, Oxford University Press and www.pearsoned.co.uk have a selection of text books which will prove useful in your degree.

The Rest

For your stationary and office supplies, stores such as Staples offer the best in variety and have some great value sale items. Other websites you may find useful include Office Hero, Ryman and, inevitably, Tesco. Your university campus shop may also stock the necessities at a good student-friendly price so it is worth checking here before you put in your online order.


The website wealthystudent.co.uk also signposts some great student deals around cyber space and if you want specific items Gumtree is worth checking for second hand bits and pieces.

Post By David Ryan.