#StyleTheSchoolRun And Give It Some Welly With Crocs!

In the summer I fell in love with Crocs. Not the original clog style shoes (although it has to be said when they first came out over a decade ago I DID have a pair) but with their other styles of which there are many, many, many! I loved all the jellies and flats and I’ve had a sneak peek at next summer’s styles which didn’t disappoint either. I absolutely adore this sparkly pair which is set to take summer 17 by storm!

Summer 17 is set to sparkle with Crocs!
Summer 17 is set to sparkle with Crocs!

And… I have to say that there’s rather a lot of lovelies for this time of year too and just in time to save me from the muddy squelchy walk to school in step their wellies!

I am one quarter of the #StyleTheSchoolRunTeam which is an Instagram Initiative to encourage us Mammas to feel good and in turn look good. Head over the the Instagram account and give us a follow if you fancy hints and tips from the entire community on what to wear and how so that your school run can make you feel and look fabulous. There’s no pressure, anything goes. It’s not to make you feel rubbish, I promise. We’re all regular Mummy types and we just want to inspire everyone to FEEL the good stuff.

And for me styling the school run isn’t always aboute uber style because I live in a small village in the country and there’s mud, glorious mud absolutely everywhere! So… The school run at the moment mainly consistd of wearing wellies. Now, when we first moved here I had Lonodn wellies. They looked good but they didn’t really do a very good job and as for comfort… Hmmm… There was a lot left to be desired. My feet were cold essentially and this just doesn’t work for me…

This winter I have pulled out the Crocs wellies which are made of super light weight material that somehow seems to work as insulation because my little tootsies are toastie warm and the bobbles on the inside sole feel wonderful. So they’ve got the comfort but the reason I’m including them at part of my #StyleTheSchoolRun post is because I think they look flipping fantastic too! They are knee high and black with a lovely ribbon on the front which ties all the way around inside meaning I can tighten them if I need to.

I'm rather pleased with these for my school run style!
I’m rather pleased with these for my school run style!

And the children couldn’t be left out when it comes to wellies as good as this because they need a good pair too. I hate regular wellies which make their feet cold but these beauts do the same thing for them as mine do for me and they’ve got a handy little tag at the back making them easy for little ones to pull on and off! They’ve also got stiffer toes which are perfect for children and I think I can safely say we are all pretty welly stylish on our walk to school these days!

Having a play in the park the other day shows them off to their full benefit and also shows how soft and supple they are because no one fell over! Most wellies are clumsy but these, being super light weight don’t seem to hamper fun in the park at all!


So, do join us on the #StyleTheSchool Run hashtag and if you’re in the market for wellies then I can highly recommend these ones! Especially mine!

I was sent the wellies in this post for the purpose of an honest review.