Summer Holiday Diary – Week Six!

Summer Holiday Diary – Week Six!

We spent the last week of the summer holidays still on our sunshiney holiday in Menorca. It was… WONDERFUL! Enough said. We don’t want to be back to reality AT ALL but with the kiddos getting an extra day off (we were naughty and missed the first day) that softened the blow and Jonny is off on his first day of teacher training so… It’s all good!

Jimmy (year 3, age 7) wants to be a money earning gamer.
Florence (Year 5, age 9) wants to be a writer, actor and surfer (pretty much as he is now then)!
Jonny (Year long on the job teacher training course, age 41) wants to be a teacher. Which is pretty good considering the course and all!
Raffie: (staying at home with mummy, age 1) wants to watch Shaun the Sheep!

Although it is, unfortunately, back to school! I want them at home with me all the time – I’m gonna miss these two so much and so is Raffie… First day picture because… Obligatory…

But I’m not quite ready to forget the sun just yet – here’s what we got up to leaving the summer holidays in style!

The perfect family shot is no easy feat!
But we tried!
And tried!
And tried!
Then we thought sod it!
Mum and Jonny hate me taking pictures but actually love them afterwards so!
And my Mum especially hates me taking pictures of her but I don’t know why!
This one loves the camera!
Like Jimmy!
And Raffie too though I don’t like myself in pictures so I’m a fine one to talk!
But have decided to try and be in them anyway!
We took the big kids on a pedalo!
Lots of fun!
And gave them long evenings running wild which the big boys especially loved with the pack of lads they met and they also found they loved to play pool – badly!
The Knowles boys in our party – there’s always one, look at Jonny’s eyes!
The kids met friends from last year who were back like us and new friends too!
We love the sea!
We tried Kayaking!
And found uses for the single use plastic to make it not QUITE so awful tht these cups were being used so frequently!
They also helped him find his feet in the water – he began to love the splash play because he was playing with the cups!
While the big two of course didn’t need any encouragement!
Florence with her cousin and Jonny’s sister!
Cousin and ice cream love!
All of all of us aside from my Mum who’d stayed by the pool while we all went to the beach!
Sun kissed beach babe!
Ever so slightly less sun kissed (although still quite so – we Do use sun cream they just tan easily it seems) but no less loving the freedom!
A real life Mowgli!
And his beachy sister! (Love that all three are in this picture unplanned!)
A bit more posed!
Just perfect!
This beach is the best!
They all love it!
Which is more than I can say for the baby and the pool – Day 11 and he was still nervous!
Love this one for some reason!
My gorgeous girl!
With my oldest and my youngest!
My little mermaid!
Lunching with cousins!
We are going to miss this beach!
And the pool!
The ice cream!
Family time!
And fun!
Bye bye Menorcs! Until next time!