Perifit Kegel Exerciser!

Perifit Kegel Exerciser!

Pelvic floor exercises and the prevention of damage or repair of already waning muscles has been a hot topic on social media in the UK of late. There was a massive campaign using high profile influencers to sell a product which would soak up the leakage when little accidents happened after a sneeze or a cough but the main vibe coming from the public said ‘We don’t want to wear a nappy alternative and have to use something to deal with a problem, we want to not have the problem in the fist place!’ I think these days we are beginning to see there really can be a solution to the actual physical problem rather than putting up with it and dealing with the results, which is what we’ve been told to do in the past. Buying a short term aid to deal with those results might be necessary but looking at the bigger picture and sorting our pelvic floor out is top priority for the majority of women who want to fix the issue rather than paper over it!

I’ve been working with Perifit for over a month and I have to say that prevention and repair is WAY better than not being able to jump on the trampoline or even sneeze without a trickle escaping. I think I had got so used to the case, so conditioned that there was little I could do about it, I had just accepted it as a way of life when in actual fact in little over a month my pelvic floor and muscles are so much better! Very noticeably so in fact.

The Perifit Pelvic Floor Exerciser!

Now it’s fair to say that I’ve never had a problem with wetting myself for no reason and I have always been able to hang on quite a while as a general rule but… If I cough or sneeze then I’m stuck and literally have no control over my escaping bladder, even if I didn’t think I needed a wee, which makes me feel far older than my 40 years. I realise that I am in a better position than a lot of my friends who say they leak regardless of anything else but however damaged your pelvic floor is I don’t think anyone is happy to live with it broken when they realise they don’t have to.

We ALL know about the importance of doing pelvic floor exercises sure… I mean we are told about them in school, or at least we were as far back as the mid nineties from my own experience but what we weren’t told was how to do them. So we all know they can help repair damaged muscles and prevent them from becoming worse or damaged in the first place but if we actually don’t have a clue on what we should be doing it’s all a bit of a moot point.

I never knew how to do them until I used a kegel exerciser – you can’t see them but that’s why the Perifit is so important because it does what you would be guessing at perfectly and with more than 1 billion women with pelvic floor disorders like incontinence or prolapse that’s a lot of people like me who didn’t know. I didn’t have clue if I was doing them right or wrong so in the end I would think about doing them, do them for a day and then forget about it. However, using my Perifit means the exercises are done properly, I can see that immediately and if I’m not doing them right the Perifit tells me and it also means I am reminded on my phone to do them in the first place. A bit like having a personal trainer in any other form of exercise where you might not work yourself that hard but would go for it with a watchful eye over you! So.. What is this Perifit then?! Because actually… it doesn’t LOOK like an exerciser at all… It actually looks like something else but I assure you, and as scared as I was of this little pink gadget when I first saw it, it does what it promises to deliver and with the app downloaded to run with the Perifit I actually quite enjoy doing my daily workout now. If anything it gives me a bit of me time and it’s basically just playing a game which is, you know, easy! I mean how difficult is playing a video game right?

Looks a bit scary but looks can be deceiving!

The Perifit Kegel exerciser lets you control videos games with your pelvic floor. When you contract your pelvic floor, the bird goes up. When you relax it, the bird goes down and you have to catch things like butterflies which are up high, down low on a gradient…. These games were designed by doctors to help properly strengthen the pelvic floor so it’s totally a medical thing and it works so well that more than 1000 doctors already recommend Perifit to combat incontinence and prolapse as well as other pelvic floor disorders.

The pink end goes inside like a tampon would and it’s actually very comfortable. A little unusal at first and not something I’m used to as it’s a bit bigger than a tampon and I do tend to clam up at the thought of things like a smear test for example but it’s fine and has caused me no pain!
You download the app and it interacts via Bluetooth with your device to show you how to exercise. Set your goals and reasons you are using it and the app helps you navigate your way around!
It’s all very self explanatory!

So here’s a bit of the science and notes from Perifit:

Rated 4,75 by customers

Exercises both superficial and deep pelvic floor layers

World-class gynecologists, midwives and physiotherapists were involved in the design process.

In 2019, more than 1000 therapists recommend Perifit to help prevent pelvic floor disorders, heal incontinence, prevent prolapse and improve intimate wellbeing

You can use your Perifit whenever and wherever you want. And it’s especially effective to help supplement physical therapy sessions if you’re working with a specialist

Any workout is more fun when you have a coach to train and encourage you

With Perifit’s virtual coach feature, your workout is efficient, effective, and entertaining

Forget about doing confusing Kegel exercises or trying to get through boring, repetitive workouts

Perifit exercises are a series of fun smartphone games that you play by utilizing your pelvic floor muscles. Every level is carefully designed by world-class specialists in pelvic floor disorders

Perifit uses proprietary algorithms to assess your personal pelvic floor performance against five key metrics: strength, endurance, frequency, release and accuracy

This allows the virtual coach to train you using a set of custom-designed exercises for faster improvement

Whether you are a complete Kegel beginner or an advanced Kegel expert, Perifit will help you progress regardless of your current ability

This ultimate Kegel exerciser has been tested by more than 200 women of all ages and conditions during the design phase. Whatever your situation, Perifit will help you regain bladder control and tightness

So for me?

I’ve noticed not just a tiny bit of a difference but significantly so in just over a month. I’ve used it daily, I’ve upped my game, I’ve followed the advice and I’ve enjoyed doing it. To then have noticed my ability to sneeze and not dribble is incredible. I went into this with an open mind, I thought why not give it a go but I’m not sure if I fully expected it to work as well as it does and the most surprising thing for me is that though it doesn’t feel like you’re doing a workout while doing it, afterwards your tummy actually feels like it’s been doing sit ups. I think that can only be a good thing for my tummy too if I’m honest!

I actually think the Perifit is wonderful and I’m going to continue using it because why wouldn’t I? It’s small, it’d easy to do (I tend to do it in bed before I go to sleep but it wouldn’t be hard to discreetly do it somewhere else) and with results that come in that thick and fast you can’t argue with it!

The games are fun and you can clearly see if you’re doing it right which is the main issue when doing pelvic floor exercises!
While at the end you get a report – I mean what could be easier?!

Pelvic floor exercises are always going to be a bit of enigma without the help of a genius device like the Perifit and I can’t recommend it enough. There will be happy sneezing in my house from now on at least! is a drug from the class of analeptics (means intended to stimulate respiration and blood circulation). After entering the blood, Modafinil Online overcomes the blood-brain barrier (enters the brain) and lasts approximately 12 hours.

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