Moorvista With Blueriver Cottages!

Moorvista With Blueriver Cottages!

I’m someone who needs a looker forward to! When I got married I geared myself up for the inevitable post wedding blues by pre planning to plan for another baby as soon as the party finished and when I go on holiday I’m already with cogs whirring as I lie on a sunbed, cosy up in a cottage or take long coastal walks, to book something else up when I get home. I think the come down from a break is just too bleak if you don’t have anther one to be excited for in the future. So… I may be JUST back from Menorca but my mind is already on Christmas breaks as within the fun ideas I’m plotting for the season in general there just to be a little family break away. A step off the merry go round of the every-day and more time to chill with my faves is just what I am wanting to plan right now and winter… Oh what a brilliant time for a staycation hey! Christmas time is great all around with kids and believe me, I love that time of year, but for me it’s not a relaxing holiday away from it all with the cooking, wrapping, feeding and entertaining so a mini break in the UK, even if just for a weekend, is certainly the ticket!

I’m thinking chilly weather with us all wrapped up in checked blankets as we play cards in a home away from home. Somewhere too far to visit just for the day but not where we’d have the expense and trouble of flying to. And I’ve seen the most gorgeous cottage called Moorvista through Blueriver Cottages in South Devon which is one of my most loved destinations yet mostly neglected in visits by us!

Moorvista in Modbury, South Devon!

From £1389 per week this 4 bedroomed cottage which can sleep 8 guests has all the mod cons I could possibly require (in fact probably more than I have at home) and there is a swimming pool for summer months (May-September) but for the colder holidayer there’s a different sort of pool to be had in the games room – YEP, GAMES ROOM! This place is totally family friendly with high chairs and cots if required but it is bursting for children to come and have fun in it. Then there’s an open (or wood burner if you prefer) fire and it’s all set in this beautifully rural location with amazing garden views of Modbury in South Devon. THIS is the place for us – we’d take my Mum and have ample room to spare even and with four bathrooms (one is a wet room) it would be pure luxury. PURE and not at all simple! Of course there is private parking for two cars as we would have to drive – it would take us around 6 hours I think but would be totally worth it with this place waiting for us the other end!

A GAMES ROOM! The kids would go WILD!

This property is modern living at its best designed on an elevated position overlooking the village which is full of independent shops, pubs and cafes just minutes walk away which sounds even more perfect. I could just imagine us all here for a wintry foodie stay away – we wouldn’t want to come home!

Alfresco dining is all too often saved for the summer months but if we had a wintry Christmassy break here I’d fire up a BBQ and we’d sit outside huddled around it with sparklers and champagne. Being high up like that we’d watch the sun set as we chatted and if we could see our breath we wouldn’t even notice because the setting is so darn gorgeous!

Now I’d be very happy to stay in all week long but of course we’d visit the local village, try out some pubs and to keep the kids entertained there’s plenty to do nearby including all the things we love like surfing and pony trekking!

I don’t know about you but this is definitely on my wish list as I’ve totally whetted my own appetite now!

I’m thinking this picture only mashed up and re-run at Moorvista with Chrimbo jumpers and Santa hats, a gal can wish can’t she!

Our summer holiday where I was dreaming up the one for winter!

My top 10 tips for a wintry family break at Moorvista with Blueriver Cottages

  • Pack capsule wardrobes and half the amount of clothes for days (there are full washing facilities at Moorvista so you can rotate and clean while even getting the holiday washing done before you come home – that might sound a bit sad but it’s doing it for me)!
  • Pack the extra space in the case with your favourite board games!
  • Order an online food delivery service to arrive with you at Moorvista – And actually I’d go for a meal delivery service like hello fresh or Gousto too, you’re on holiday after all!
  • Plan on being lazy – the vista is in the name at this cottage and you don’t have to go anywhere else once you’re there! Think party week and Christmas vibes so drink bubbles and eat ALL the chocolate!
  • Wellies, scarves and gloves are needed to wrap up warm as you stomp over those rolling countryside views!
  • Take your camera to make memories but leave those phones at home. This is the sort of break you will want to completely switch off from!
  • Add the Grandparents (there’s enough room and more the merrier) as I think multi-generational holidays are soothing for the soul and it means everyone takes turns!
  • Take the surf boards and wet suits – surfers know no seasons!
  • Take an empty jar and post it notes so that whenever someone says something funny, brilliant, memorable or there’s a moment to mark in time you can write it down, add it to the jam jar and keep your holiday memories to read another time!
  • Make something easy to put in the over for your first night like a lasagne or a pie – bring it with you, open some wine and pop it in the oven. This is a holiday so you don’t want to slave once you’re there!

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