A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon!

A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon!

Somewhere along the line our tiny baby became an a real little person with likes and dislikes of his own, and actually, a real obsession truth be told! Shaun the Sheep has been his absolute favourite for about a year now and long before I heard there was going to be a new movie (parents all over the land will rejoice with me at the notion of a new thing coming out when you’ve seen all that’s on offer thus far – multiple times) we had planned for him to have a Shaun the Sheep themed birthday party for when he turns two next month. It was with real delight that I discovered the month of his birthday, October, is also the month Aardman are to release this new movie – what a wonderful coincidence and we will HAVE to merge the two somehow because anything Shaun the Sheep related is good news for us.

We literally have seen the original movie and all the episodes countless times, not that I mind because they are really very good and Raffie won’t watch anything else. Not a single thing. He gets the remote and gives it to you to turn on Shaun and we’ve tried him with lots of other, just for variety but he simply isn’t interested, crying always for Shaun! The ‘Ba ba song’ is his favourite and he ‘Baaas’ along with them and the title music for the regular show is his favourite tune to dance to. We even listen to the show and original movie music in the car!

So… The Shaun the Sheep themed party is in the planning (there will be cake pops and cupcakes and the big cake all with Shaun’s face on them) and getting invited to the multimedia showing of the new film, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon ahead of its release date (18th of October 2019 for the UK where it will be in all cinemas) we got to see the movie ahead of everyone else – aren’t we lucky and Raffie was in his element!

The movie is… AMAZING! When you hear the hype (and you will), believe it! Often I find films a little disappointing after they’v been raved about but Farmageddon is everything you want it to be – every bit as fun and entertaining as the first movie while keeping lots of the elements we loved from that like nods to grown up movies (try and pick all the sci-fi film references, we got to 7) but at the same time standing on its own four hooves rather nicely too! With new characters like the alien Lu-La who lands on earth crashing into farm life with aplomb and old (we just love Timmy, Bitzer, the farmer and all the farm animals) it’s a perfect mix of old and new. The story I’d say is loosely based on ET with Lu-La trying to get home but the farmer has an idea to maximise his money earning before she can disappear… Not that he’s 100% sure she really is there in the first place!

Lots of laughs, lots of BRILLIANT songs (although, I don’t think Raffie will ever like a song as much as he likes the ‘ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba’ barber’s quartet song from the first movie and plenty to keep kids of all ages entertained! Shaun the Sheep is a winner for us because actually, none of us really mind watching them over and over so from age 1 to 70 (if you count my Mum – she’s very much a fan) my household very much give all Shaun the Sheep viewing a massive thumbs up with the new film Farmageddon  getting it twice! We will go again – HAVE to because Florence was at a rehearsal yesterday so her and daddy missed out plus also… Birthday treats for Raffie! I’ve never known a one year old sit so still and be so captivated in the cinema!


The boys enjoyed being some of the first people to ever see A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon!

We had a great time before the movie too arriving at the Vue in Leicester Square alongside the celebs and amid all of their excited grins we plated ours too. There was much on offer in the foyer to keep the little ones entertained ahead of the movie so we ate, we drank and we partied hard all alongside Shaun and Bitzer (which to be honest Raffie wasn’t so sure about in the flesh but hey… Sometimes it IS a little overwhelming meeting your favourite rock star)!

Meeting the stars of the show!
Jimmy doing some alien crafting!
Raffie had his leg painted – he was confused I think as to how shaun could be on his leg, on the screen and rocking around with Bitzer at the party? He kept pointing and looking at me saying ‘huh’? – Raffie doesn’t talk much but he does make himself totally understood. We always joke that he has Shaun the Sheep language because he watches so much of it!
In the cinema Jimy chose Shaun AND Lu-La ears!
Raffie was happier watching his heroes from the comfort of his own seat as they introduced the film with some of the head creatives!
And after the movie look who was interviewed for a sound bite – he gave it 10 out of 10!