Wonderlab’s New Wonder Show At The Science Museum!

Wonderlab’s New Wonder Show At The Science Museum!

Long fans of The Science Museum it doesn’t take much persuasion for me to visit. We used to make a trip there often when we lived in the capital to make use of all the free play and education on offer and though the visits are less frequent these days, they are no less enjoyed!

The Science Museum has such a wonderful collection of exhibitions and most of them are totally free to access. There’s the galleries which are always there (we always have to visit the Garden with it’s amazing sensory play for under fives, space room, and the aeroplanes and see the cars stacked up on the wall) and then there are those which come and stay for a while then make room for something else. This weekend we were down in London and decided to go and do all our fave bits at the museum as well as check out their new hands on exhibition for would be ‘spies’ – ‘Top Secret: From Ciphers to Cyber Security‘ (which is ticketed at the desk in front of it but totally free) and the new show ‘WONDER SHOW’ on inside the show space within Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery. Now, unlike everything else we love at the Science Museum, Wonderlab isn’t FREE to enter but it IS totally worth parting with some cash for – it DID used to be free when it was called the Launch Pad before an amazing re-fit and I can totally see where the money being made on tickets is being spent! Absolutely loads of hands on fun experiments for kids to try out themselves means they will learn more here in 5 minutes than they do at school in a whole week quite probably and the fun… Well, my kid’s faces light up when we enter. So the cost of entry?! Not too bad at all actually with day passes starting from £8 and annual passes from £13. They also do family prices for varying sized families both day tickets and annuals which are mega value so f you will visit again and again (and you will want to) then an annual is for you!

Like I said, we were in Wonderlab to catch the new show which covers all four sections of the main galley with some fiery and pretty explosive experiments, lots of laughter, audience participation and quite a lot of wide eyed children thoroughly engrossed!

The show space inside Wonderlab hosts a variety of sit down 20 minute shows which you can watch within your visit to the gallery and the new show ‘WONDER’ is pretty special!
The theatre is lovely as everyone can see and the experiments at the ‘WONDER SHOW’ are pretty spectacular – much like the rest of the gallery!

Also within Wonderlab we tried our hand at experiments we’ve done before when visiting plus some new ones and we highly recommend a Sunday afternoon for a visit because there was hardly ANYONE else in there and we didn’t have to wait for anything, not even the slides!

Jimmy LOVES trying everything but one of his new favourites after this visit is the icy bodies experiment!
Oh and showing his baby brother how it’s all done!
Bit I think if pushed he’d choose the rocket making as his number one activity experiment!
Florence didn’t get to join us this time as she was in a rehearsal for her latest show but Raffie enjoyed it all too!

And as for the rest of our visit in the free spaces which cost absolutely nothing – well, we had a brilliant time as ever!

Catching fish… Or were we?!
They’re learning and playing which is amazing!
And finding out all about cracking codes in the new free exhibition was super fun!
Jimmy and Gram did this for ages!
While I took Raffie to the Garden which is especially for under 5s!
And for about the third time that day he got thoroughly wet when he refused to wear an apron!

We thoroughly love The Science Museum and give the new Wonderlab show a great big thumbs us as well as the new Top Secret exhibition! Yet again a lovely trip which wouldn’t be complete without a visit to my Grandmother’s vacuum cleaner. She donated a Baby Daisy to the Science Museum in the 70s and it has a plaque stating that it came from her, a Mrs F R Davies. She was called Jeanette and would love that we all still visit the hoover that she used to take us to see when we were little ourselves. A difficult woman with lots of flaws, she struggled with life but I do have memories of happiness with her and some of them are spent at the Science Museum looking at this Baby Daisy.

And I know what she’d say if I said to her ‘Look at this picture of me and Raffie with your hoover Grandmother’ – She’d say ‘How lovely Ruth Helen, how lovely!’