Jana Reinhardt Hummingbird Necklace!

Jana Reinhardt Hummingbird Necklace!

The hummingbird is very symbolic to native Indian culture and considered  to be a totem by many ancient tribes. It’s said to be a bringer of joy, luck, hope, comfort, love, appreciation, enjoyment, independence, freedom, and optimism – well I don’t know if any of that’s true but they sure are pretty and a bird so rare is very mystifying too. The subject makes a perfect piece for a jewellery collection and being a very steady pendant fan was absolutely what I chose from the Jana Reinhardt collection when asked if I’d like to work with them on a collaboration.

Now I will give you all the information about the brand and the necklace but firstly let me tell you why I love jewellery so much and why this necklace in particular caught my eye. I adore necklaces because it doesn’t matter what size you are and it makes no odds what time of year it is, anyone can pick up a pendant they have fallen in love with and wear it whenever they like, with what they like! it’s undiscriminating and that’s liberation. Jewellery is liberating. Full stop! I also like to display my necklaces on the wall of my dressing area meaning I get to see them always (although it’s being decorated right now and they aren’t up. And this one will sit next to my Alex Monroe golden bee and my peas in a pod by Lisa Angel (just as soon as I replace it as – GULP – I think I left it on a train)! They are my two stalwart faves and now the Jana Reinhardt hummingbird goes with them – I love it! It’s sits heavily on my neckline despite it’s diminutive size and I think it looks stunning – One to leave on its own and not layer with anything else to take the eye away!

All Jana Reinhardt jewellery is created by the Jana Reinhardt dream team (Jana and her husband Ross) at their studio by the sea in West Sussex – coming from a place by the beach makes it even more special I think, we all know how much I love the sand between my toes! And whether you favour classic silver, gorgeous gold vermeil or the warm tones of rose gold, Jana Reinhardt can provide the material and finish to suit you – with my necklace, the Hummingbird pendant (£95 for sterling silver) I opted classic but the rose gold is so gorgeous I think I’d like to buy that as well – is two hummingbirds too many, surely not?! There is also a tiny hummmingbird necklace and a twin hummingbird necklace (which I adore too) in the collection so hummingbird features rather heavily but other pendants are just as beautiful. I’m also rather taken with the seahorses – there’s lots to choose from! Most of the unique necklace pendants can also be cast in 9ct or 18ct solid gold.

Beautifully packaged – a perfect gift!

I always thought my very favourite necklaces would come with a story of how I received them – Jonny bought me my bee after many years of me lusting but not wanting to buy for myself and my peas in a pod was for my first Mother’s day as a mamma of three. The fact I was gifted this one would usually make me think of it in a less than sentimental way but actually… Gosh I love it so much it’s right at the top of my list right now! It really is something special!

I was gifted the hummingbird necklace by Jana Reinhardt.