George At Asda Is Tickled Pink For AW19!

George At Asda Is Tickled Pink For AW19!

I’m feeling a bit bereft for time with George at Asda this week as for the past couple I’ve attended events with them, the first to see the new Tickled Pink collection in collaboration with two leading breast cancer charities and the second to check out their Autumn/Winter range for 2019!

Loved it. On both levels!

So firstly the Tickled Pink campaign: One woman every ten minutes is diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. That’s why Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign uniquely supports the work of two leading breast cancer charities; Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now; between them they offer life-changing support and make life-saving research happen, helping everyone affected by breast cancer now, and saving lives in the future.

The fundamental thing to know here is that you MUST check your breasts – you can make your pledge to do so with Asda right here. Also know that whatever your pocket depths you can make a difference simply by doing your regular shop at Asda. Lots of products across the supermarket are branded as part of the Tickled Pink campaign and different percentages of each sale will be donated to the charities which when put together over thousands of shops from thousands of customers will make a tremendous difference. Immense in fact! It won’t cost you anything as you would be buying these products anyway and yet it helps muchly in the right direction! Bravo Asda for making it possible for more people to donate!

From cakes to washing liquids there are plenty of branded goods involved!

But when it comes to the fashion stakes you can make a difference there too! With a whole range of clothing from nightwear and underwear to sweatshirts there’s something for everyone!

The sweats are great although I’d not be choosing this one in favour of rather more…
This one! I’m going to pick up this for both myself and Florence! LOVE it and to mark the 15th anniversary of the film ‘Mean Girls’ the film, with this iconic line taken from it, is re-released with a percentage going to the charities too!
I mean I love this but…
Reckon I’m more of a comfies girl these days – whatever your taste there’s something for everyone!
And something for all budgets!

I LOVE how George at Asda put so much effort into their fashion – to me it’s not just supermarket chic, it’s chic! And that’s if it’s designed items for a campaign like their Tickled Pink one (all released on the 3rd of October to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the film ‘Mean Girls’ and the unofficial fan declared ‘Mean Girl Day’) or for their regular line which for Autumn/Winter 2019 looks as awesome as ever!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a midi length dress with long sleeves. I wear them all winter with black boots and tights and there’s some crackers in the upcoming range which will be in stores imminently!

Not only the dresses but the jump suits (a great evening glitzy one caught my eye), accessories and costume jewellery is on FIRE right now. A lot of the collection reminded me of Melanie Griffiths’s character Tess and her pal Cyn in the film ‘Working Girl’ – a little bit 80s, female powerhouse but also still really soft –

‘Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear, doesn’t make me Madonna, never will’! – Cyn Working Girl

Check out my fave pieces and tell me I’m not wrong!

Check that BAG!
Lots of 80s looks – loving the bmac and hoodie combo and bum bags aren’t just for summer – I’ve always known that!
Another great bum bag(I think Melanie would call it a fanny pack_ on a truly awesome dress – leopard with s a bit of floral!
See, up close it’s really different isn’t it!
Love a chunky knit and a pleated skirt – how’s about this one for autumn?!
Another gorgeous midi with leopard!
And here’s that evening play suit I was telling you about!
Winner for the night though, this oversized (in fit and print) dog tooth coat. I think this is going to be £36 – how good!

So yeah… Lots to look forward to when it comes to AW19 at George at Asda!