Summer Holidays 2021 – Week Six (and a bit)!

Summer Holidays 2021 – Week Six (and a bit)!

Ridiculous that the last week and a bit of the holidays is over and the kiddos are going back to school. Florence started before the boys and that’s all been wonderful but I’m still focusing on the fab time we’ve had. I’d promised Florence a trip to IKEA before we broke up so when that didn’t happen we tried for the holidays and it took us this long to find a date. We went on a girl’s trip to mooch! The rest of the time we spent low key just being us. Beach, laughter, a day out here and there… some decorating and a bit of down time at home. Wow I love the holidays!

Ikea and Lakeside shopping with pals!
A girl’s mooch!
Besties since they were babies!
Jimmy went to his first footfootball game at Carrow Road!
Happy boys!
A family meal out!
Pizza Express was off its game unfortunately!
A trip to Pensthorpe!
The boys, Posie, Gram and I had a day together while Florence went into Jonny’s school to help him set his classroom up!
Slide fun!
Fresh air is exhausting!
A moment in the day where they weren’t fighting with each other!
Where did the sun go August?!
On Wednesday Florence went into her new school for the induction day ahead of starting properly on Thursday. And just like that she was a high school girl!
We are so proud of you FMLK!
And then her first day was done with a missed bus at the end of the day but otherwise nothing going wrong. Well done Florence!
Posie and I had lunch with a friend at the rooftop gardens while the boys went to the cinema with Granny and Papa!
Posie turned 7 months old!
We went to the beach!
Saw the Banksy!
Played in the sand!
Had loaded chips!
Which were fab!
Went to the Cromer Museum!
Looked at pretty beach huts!
And scooted!
Saturday morning jolly hockey sticks for Florence!
Sunday was a trip to the church for Florence’s welcome to the school service and then we were holiday done… Oh my, it went in a flash despite the bad weather. Bring on half term I say!

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