Dearest Posie – You Are Seven Months Old!

Dearest Posie – You Are Seven Months Old!

Dearest Posie,

How are you over half a year old already? Impossible because just like your sister and brothers you have only just been born. I’ve been telling Florence that 5 minutes ago she was the same age and just like that she’s off to high school so I know only too well how time goes so fast but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t astound me all the same. Posie looks just like Florence at the same age and is doing all the same things, if anything a little faster – incredible!

Eating food and trying new things she is rather keen my little Posie Popple Chops! Getting herself to sitting from crawling and crawling so super fast as well as pulling up to standing and trying to walk. Jimmy is just worried she will beat his record for being the first of us to walk at 9 and a half months. I think she would like to try! So happy always when being held in a sling or cuddled, hates being in a buggy or the car as much as ever and still super dinky in her 3-6 month clothes sometimes but still very much fitting 0-3. Wow Posie, 7 months already, where has this time gone?!

Enjoying the sunshine!
At Durdle Door!
Still hating the car but a rare moment in it with a smile!
Sleeping on holiday with Raffie!
Trying out a high chair in the pub!
Posie and her boys!
Brilliant pals!
A first pair of shoes!
Baby led weaning!
Girl gang!
Crawling on knees is now so last month, this is up on feet and practically walking!
Camping pals!
Big brothers take on feeding duties very seriously!
Not always the most welcome!
Meeting more friends!
Sitting up!
Daddy’s girls!
Brothers are the best!
Summer fun!
Baby head band – ridiculous but here we are!
At the Hard Rock Cafe!
Walking over the glass walkway at Tower Bridge!
Where we had a pool!
Al fresco weaning!
Tiny legs!
All that fresh air!
Meeting up with pals!
Me and my girl at Pensthorpe!
Lunch at the Roof Top Gardens!
7 months old at the beach!
Us lot!
7 months old!
Harder to get a lying down pic but we got there in the end!

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