The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Double Sleeping Bag!

The Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Double Sleeping Bag!

We’ve had our Night Owl 10.5 tog King sized duvet for a while now and it’s become such a handy spare duvet that we plan on buying them for all the beds in the house – you can even get junior sets which is perfect for the littlest in our family. The really innovative thing about the Night Owl duvets is that they don’t need a cover. At all. So you never have to wash a cover, or put one on, ever, ever again. I mean if that’s not an incentive alone then what is? But there’s way more to them than that! They go straight in the washing machine themselves of course which sounds a bit hassle-tastic doesn’t it? But I can assure yo u it most certainly isn’t. They just fit, even the 10.5 tog King sized duvet, into a normal washing machine, wash as per a normal load and then they dry ready to use again. This is the brilliant bit. They dry in one hour. Yep, one hour and that’s inside drying in the winter. On the line in the sunshine it’s far less time and there we have it. A freshly washed, no need to iron duvet, which is ready to go back on the bed looking as good as new with no cover to wrestle on it. Genius I tell you and absolutely no compromise on quality because of the ease. I think we all say this duvet is our favourite and most comfortable and it regularly rotates around the beds. I try to save it for guests now as it’s so nice (for them) and then washes so brilliantly (I love having visitors but hate the extra washing) but it’s very inviting to just use it all the time myself. We also take it camping because it’s that easy to roll up into its bag and take with us. I love this duvet and have absolutely nothing negative to say about it AT ALL!

The best camping duvet, but what if there was something else for camping which was even better?!

So we love the duvet and it was inevitable that we’d feel the same about their new sleeping bags but I had no idea HOW much easier camping would be with one rather than the duvet. I tend to take bottom sheets, pillows and the duvet of course, for our camp bed but sleeping bags are better for sleeping out doors because of course they go all around you. On balance, our regular sleeping bags are just more hassle than they’re worth as they are quite hard to get into in the middle of the night after a wee, they are tiny and when sleeping with babies who like to nestle in they’re just not big enough. A duvet is the better option but I had thought one on the bottom and another on the top would be the most ideal scenario and hey presto, what do The Fine Bedding Company do? They bring out a Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag which not only has all the same qualities as the duvet (washes and dries well and quickly and folds into its bag with super ease as well as being soft, luxurious and comfortable) but it has a top, a bottom AND… Here’s the best bit, it’s a double!

In the bag this double Night Own sleeping bag is no bigger than the duvet when its inside its bag!
The quality of the materials feels no different either!
And laying on the bed it looks very much like a duvet!
Only of course, there is a top, and a bottom. They zip together like any sleeping bag!

Zipped together the top and bottom of the double sleeping bag make a very cosy bed for two (or three with a baby Posie) and snuggly is the word that springs to mind. The other added benefit to it though is that it can unzip from being two pieces together and each side can then zip back up on its own to make two single sleeping bags!

Really easy zips!
Or two singles!

Or… If it’s warm and a top and bottom isn’t totally necessary then I don’t see why each side couldn’t be used as a double duvet meaning two more camp beds could become made up as doubles. The versatility of this one is fabulous! The Night Owl 3-in-1 Sleeping Bag is such a great purchase and worth every penny of the £95 price tag (There’s actually 20% off this bank holiday FYI)!

This is a super lovely bed to get into!
I blooming love this double sleeping bag!
We have a three bedroom tent, we need more sleeping bags!
Big smiles from the baby who was as snug as a bug in a double sleeping bag while we were camping!

So, just as with the duvet, I can’t recommend this sleeping bag enough. We will use it for movie nights by the fire, guests and when we go to friend’s houses, not just camping and yet again I can’t fault The Fine Bedding Company!

I do really need to buy extra duvets for the rest of the house along with the pillow cases to match. This weekened they have that 20% off which couldn’t make it a better time to buy!

Collaboration with The fine bedding Company.