Tower Bridge Experience London!

Tower Bridge Experience London!

Tower Bridge is the most beautiful of all the bridges in London and famously wasn’t bought by American Robert P. McCulloch! McCulloch thought he was investing in the blue beauty when in fact he’d actually purchased the far uglier duckling of London Bridge – well, at least he got the song! And London Bridge may have a children’s ditty but Tower has the aesthetics and is features in so many films there’s too many to mention but for me, my favourite movie moment is when Renee Zellweger walks across it to work as Bridget Jones.

I’ve many a memory of walking over it myself in my days rehearsing at Royal Mint Court for various plays and from working just around the corner on Fenchurch Street. Though I frequently say about London as a dweller, you don’t notice the sights and that’s often true, I think it would be hard to walk over the bridge and not notice the awe. It’s incredible and that’s without knowing anything REALLY about it!

This past weekend we were invited to visit the museum at the bridge and walk over the glass top walkway which runs over the top of it giving a really unique way of seeing London and we learned so much more about the bridge that it’s really made it a different story for us.

Workers who were like family ran the bridge in its steam days until 1976 when it became electrical and we really enjoyed reading, listening and looking at their stories through voice recordings and pictures. Apparently you didn’t have to ve trained, if you grew up by the bridge you just knew how to work it. They called it “their bridge” and loved it like it was part of them. Incredible stories and wonderful history for the children (and us) to learn and before all that, the museum with the steam engines on display, we had the walk across the top with the glass bottom to see out into London. It wasn’t scary (not like the cable cars earlier on in the day – and I don’t like heights), it was just really beautiful and as we visited last thing in the day it felt even emptier than it might otherwise have done (although social distancing measures are in place of course too).

I found it really interesting from bottom (the steam engines), to top (those views) and the children did too. We of course joined in with the rest of the visitors and lay down on the floor taking advantage of the mirrored ceiling for a selfie above the Thames!

There are different ticket price options but for us with two under fives (who are free) and two children over five, our family ticket would be £27. WELL worth it, absolutely stonking great value to see this really great museum. We were all mega impressed.

Collaboration with Tower Bridge.

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