Summer Memories – Centre Parcs Family Bloging Club August Challenge!

The August challenge with Tots 100 to become a member of the Centre Parcs Family Blogging Club is all about sharing favourite family moments from the summer! We’ve been having such a stonking holiday that I couldn’t wait to get started and take part for the very first time! We’ve never been to Centre Parcs before and I know we’d all love it; It would be the perfect thing to look forward to now that summer holiday blues are imminent…

Steph Tilley, the Centre Parcs Community Manager, offered some fab tips for recording family memories on the Centre Parcs blog. I love her suggestion of creating a scrap book with train tickets, photos and handwritten entries. We have been saving special things from trips for ages and I am going to buy a treasure box to keep them all in so that we can look back and remember all the fun things we do whatever the time of year! She also suggested writing down memories to put in a jar for inspiration on another day as well as getting creative making art projects from memories and videoing the fun bits to re-play and remember!

I definitely don’t have to ask Florence to draw pictures of the things she has loved doing. My little artist draws everything, including ME! I was a little amused the other day when Jimmy (who had previously that day seen a picture of Britney Spears in a magazine and thought it was my neighbour – needed convincing it wasn’t) immediately knew that this picture drawn by his sister was one of me taking them to the zoo!

Summer 7

Me by Florence!

I love all her pictures and when she starts school next week for the first time ever (eeek, how is it so soon?! She’s fine about it, it’s me who needs the tissues) I intend to photograph everything artistic she brings home. I’m going to use the photographs to have photo books made up at the end of each year so that we can remember all her wonderful creations!

It’s been hard to choose our best bits of the summer as there have been so many but what runs through all of the memories is that we were together and the smiles were all built on that! I wanted us to fill the days with fun and giggles whether we were busy out adventuring or sitting at home doing nothing much and I am pleased to say we did it!

SummerSummer 6Summer 5Summer 4Summer 2Summer 3Summer 1Summer 8

So as you can see we had fun and lots of it. There were so many more pictures and so many more memories that I could have made this blog post as long as a novel! Our extra special part of the summer was our novice camping trip to Camp Bestival. We had no idea we would love camping so much and can’t wait to do more! It was a weekend filled with laughter, friends and everyone feeling young – even the grown ups! Look at our video and see if you can see why we loved it so much, the firework finale of the weekend expressed just how we felt all weekend (Oh and that’s Daddy singing one of his own songs behind the pictures in case you were wondering)!

Camp Bestival was one of the best family times ever!

We still have just over a week to go of the holidays and more memories to make yet! We’re going to try and squeeze in some more favourite activities including another one night in the tent in Cromer – C’mon sunshine!

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 August challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Elveden Forest.