A Superhero Themed Bedroom With Dulux!

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Since moving house we’ve become quite familiar with home decorating. I have to say that I don’t enjoy painting, don’t seem to be terribly good at it and it takes me forever but I have been tackling the children’s bedrooms because I think it’s important, now that they have space of their own, it’s done exactly how they want it to be.

Decorating Florence’s room is a work in progress. she has one pink wall but there’s more which needs to be done to make it perfect. Decorating for Jimmy was a much easier choice. What theme did he want? Superhero of course! And it just so happened that Dulux have the perfect how to guide when it comes to painting a superhero bedroom! Not only is there a downloadable step by step insutruction guide but also a video of the whole proces too! This makes it super easy to follow, take a look!

I didn’t want a room which was too busy or over the top so one wall of something different seemed ideal. We followed the Dulux how to guide by painting one wall in Striking Cyan before creating the outline of the silhoueted background with cardboard boxes and chalk and then painting that in black. I did think about using a blackboard paint but then realised Jimmy would make a lot of mess so decided against it thinking he could have a chalkbaord somewhere else in the room instead. We used Dulux Rich Black which was very easy to smooth on with a brush or roller and even wiped off when I made a mistake! Covering the blue needed two coats as the paint is very strong and because it’s endurance, wipe clean. This is great for when finished but does mean you have to spend more time whenactually creating the room. Once it was all dry we were able to create the superhero signal light in Dulux Polished Pebble and Banana Split finishing it off with a J for Jimmy! And then the windows were the last thing we did. Dulux suggest using a potato but we found this didn’t really give a very sharp edge so instead made the windows with masking tape. I liked this better as the windows are different sizes just as windows would be.

As mentioned, the paint used for the project is Dulux Endurance+ Matt which is incredibly tough and strong, perfect for little people! The painting is lovely because you can feel the quality in the paint but you do have to remember it takes a bit of time and effort. My top tip would be to be patient and wait for the drying of each bit before taking on the next, use a little bit of a steady hand and don’t be afraid to try out ideas of your own. I’m not sure I’m a natural decorator but thankfully my Mum, a seasoned one, was on hand to help and did all the cutting in perfectly while the Dulux paint brushes and tools were exceptionally helpful. My Mum says, and I have to agree now, don’t scrimp on the tools you use, using decent brushes and paint makes everything easier!

Here’s our before and after shot!

Super Hero Room Post

The end result is absolutely awesome and Jimmy is thrilled with his Superhero bedroom which we complimented with bedding bought from Amazon (Jimmy is still in a toddler bed and I found it hard to find the right sized bedding anywehre else) and accessories from Next, Sainsbury’s, Wilko and The Range. It’s amazing what you can pick up on the high street when you just go for a browse and my favourite buy has to be the storage boxes from wilko which were an absolute snip at £2.50 each and they also come in lots of other sizes!

Accessories to compliment the room!
Accessories to compliment the room!
JImmy is thrilled with his new room!
JImmy is thrilled with his new room!
Easy to see why huh!
Easy to see why huh!

So, why not give the Dulux Superhero themed bedroom a go? Or if that’s not your thing then Dulux have lots of other themes with how to guides to choose from. I highly recommend the Endurance+ Matt paint as not only is it easy to apply but it looks wonderful once on the wall and knowing that it can be wiped clean is a very good thing with young children. The best brushes we used were the Dulux Round Fitch 6 pack which were excellent for the free hand painting, I would definitely invest in some of these for the trickier non straight curves of the buildings.

We were sent the paint and painting tools we needed to create this project in return for an honest review. 



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