Swim baby swim!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting!

When Florence was 6 months old we went on holiday for the first time with a little one and I took the Mothercare Baby Swim Seat (£15) with me. She absolutely loved the freedom of being able to move round the pool on her own while I supervised and I knew that I would use it again for Jimmy too! We took it with us to Portugal this time and he, just like his big sister before him, relished being able to splash about with freedom! They make them in differing sizes with the smaller size being suitable from 3 months. Really and truly Florence should be too big for it now but she’s so tiny that she still gets in it and they both had a wail of a time in the pool. Next time I’ll have to take two! The ring has three sections to inflate which are done in number order (clearly marked on the ring) and a seat in the middle with holes for the legs to go through. They then splash about to their heart’s content while you monitor and supervise! Babies rarely get this level of freedom before they can move independently so it was a real treat for Jimmy! Absolutely great product which enables you to swim along side them with all your hands free. I wouldn’t take my eyes off them when it’s being used just in case but it’s a terrific find! There are lots of inflatables like this on the market but with Mothercare you do really get peace of mind with the brand so I think it’s worth getting this one and to be honest, it’s not really any more expensive than any other ones.

Jimmy AND Florence enjoying the swim seat on holiday!

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