Swim toddler swim!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting!

We used the Zoggs Miss Zoggy Bobin from Mothercare (£27.99 – available with suitability for ages 2 – 3 or 4 – 5) before we holidayed just a couple of times so that we could see if we needed it or not as it’s quite bulky with all the floats. It has 4 floats each side and as the child gets more confident you remove them symmetrically. I decided that you can never be too safe and even though I wouldn’t take my eyes off her for a second it would be worth having with us. Florence recently went under in the local swimming pool and she was very frightened after that. The swimming instructor told me that she prefers these sort of vests to arm bands as she thinks they need to have their arms out in order to learn how to swim properly which is obviously the ultimate goal! My Mum can’t really swim and I’ve seen how frightened she gets around water. I think it’s really important to learn so that you can enjoy it safely and eliminate that fear.

Although I would never let Florence walk round a pool without being watched like a hawk this did give me a little piece of mind. I know she could still go under whilst wearing it but it’s always better to err on the side of caution and it made me feel better knowing she had it on. She had an absolute ball in the pool too as it really made her bob up and she became more and more confident as the holiday went on. To begin with she wouldn’t go in the big pool at all, frightened after what happened in the local pool but by the end of the stay she was jumping in and all sorts! This is a great little jacket as it can be used to teach them to swim and gain confidence like it helped with us this time. next time we go we’ll remove the floats as and when she becomes more confident and she won’t even notice it’s being done! Her arms being completely free meant she could motion them as if swimming which really gave her a feel for proper strokes, something which would be lost with arm bands!

Florence had such fun in the pool wearing her vest. Here’s a picture of her with her Papa and Daddy!

And here’s one of our whole group apart from my Mum who was taking the photo and jimmy who was having a nap! 

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