Sweet little Bundle Bean!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting!

The Bundle Bean (£29.99) is essentially a square of double sided material, fleece one side and waterproof material with a pocket the other. However, this one square of material turns into quite a few handy little gadgets indeed! It’s a footmuff for the buggy, car seat, bike seat or even front style sling and on top of that can be used as a play mat, blanket or a changing mat! Now, holidaying in September on the Algarve and I thought it would mean cooler evenings and because I knew I’d be using both the sling and buggy I wanted to take something light weight which would work for both! In actual fact we had exceptional weather and the evenings were very warm meaning I didn’t use it as a foot muff while we were away but I found it invaluable as a play mat and changing mat both by the pool and in our apartment. It’s quite thick because it has fleece on one side and therefore made a very comfy place for Jimmy to play. The water proof side is perfect for changing and also applying sun cream from because it’s wipe clean! What a good idea!

As soon as we landed back in the UK I started using it as a foot muff too. Simply take the velcro straps from either side and attach it either round your sling or the buggy depending on which you are using. Then it has two zips at the bottom of each side which you can push up and down to concertina the material into a snuggly end for feet. This is an absolutely brilliant idea and one of the best features is that it really simply rolls back up into the small tube it comes in! Perfect for holidays and beyond! Another special feature is the double pocket on the front of the waterproof side which can either house little hands from the buggy or mummy hands when baby is in the sling! Thank you Bundlebean, was great idea, no wonder it’s one designed by a mum!

Jimmy using his Bundle Bean as a play mat in our apartment!

This is my friend using hers as a foot muff while using her sling on a colder day last year!

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