Tarquin’s Blackberry Gin At 31Dover – Blackberry And Apple Crumble Gin Cocktails Recipe!

When you’re pregnant and can only have one drink every once in a little while for a treat you need to make it count. And REALLY count! There’s no point in supping on a can of warm beer or pouring yourself a cheap glass of wine when you could instead be drinking something divine from 31Dover.com and I have just the ticket!

I just ordered some Tarquin’s Brilliantly British Blackberry Gin from my fave on line supplier and as with every order I’ve ever made at 31Dover it came the very next day! This gin has a touch of local Cornish Wildflower Honey and is the latest addition to the Cornish distillery’s award-winning portfolio of spirits. Of course 31Dover stock it, the only stock the best! As well as FREE next day delivery they offer a gift box service for a special and lots of brilliant bargains. We always use them as they tend to work out cheaper in the long run and for something a little bit different they are the perfect choice!

With this very delicious Blackberry Gin from Tarquins I have created my very own cocktail, the Blackberry and Apple Crumble! It is the most perfectly seasonal drink for the moment and requires freshly picked blackberries which we went foraging for proving a brilliantly fun activity for them in the process!


Lotus biscuits, egg white, crisp green apples, wild blackberries, ground cinnamon, Tarquin’s Blackberry Gin, cloudy apple juice.


Bash the biscuits with some cinnamon in a bag until crumbed and then decorate the rim of your glasses by dipping them first in egg white and then in the biscuit mix. Pulp some apple with a few freshly picked wild blackberries and place a spoonful in the bottom of each glass. Pour in two measures of Tarquin’s Blackberry Gin, £32.95, from 31Dover and top with cloudy apple juice and ice before decorating your glass with thin apple slices and flowers from the blackberry bush!

This gin is one of my favourites of all the many gins we have ordered from 31Dover – with low sugar content, but a relatively high ABV of 38%, this is a gin that proudly celebrates the great British berry and the result is something really quite special. Rich burgundy in colour, Tarquin’s Blackberry Gin has a delectable aroma of blackberry crumble with wild berries and sweet spice. The palate boasts crisp juniper off-set with notes of summer pudding and frangipani. On the finish, lemon sherbet, raspberry sorbet and the rounded sweet notes of wildflower honey.

It goes perfectly in this cocktail which is definitely worth giving my pregnant one drink once in a while allowance to (although I only mixed half a measure for my cocktail it has to be said)!

In collaboration with 31Dover.