Diggerland Kent With The Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zone – Review!

On Sunday, after a fun filled day in London, we headed to the garden of England for an overnight stay before more family fun the next day. Seeing where my Mum grew up that evening and then visiting my Grandmother in her home on the Monday morning was high on the agenda and after a hearty breakfast in our Dartford based Holiday Inn (seriously the best value hotel EVER with breakfast included and a family room for four people costing me just £57) we headed off to Canterbury to see her. It was lovely and the kids really excelled themselves not batting an eyelid at her constant repetitive questions because she doesn’t really remember short term anymore. They just diligently answered the same things over and over without so much as looking over at me to question it. I sometimes get annoyed with their behaviour but it’s moments like this which remind me how well behaved they really are.

Blackberry picking on the road my Mum grew up on. We knocked on the door of an old neighbour who taught her to sew when she was a little girl, just as my Mum is now teaching Florence, and they still lived there and remembered her!
They enjoyed a little bit of toast with their Holiday Inn Nutella breakfasts!
My Gradmother with Florence and Jimmy!

And after that we had the rest of the day to travel a little bit further into Kent still and do something that we have been itching to do for ages now – make a visit to Diggerland, Kent which is housed in Rochester. We were invited by Little Tikes some time ago who have a Wheelz Play Zone within the park but this has been our first opportunity to make it down and now… We want to go back! It was such a flipping fantastic day!

My Mum came with us and even she had a brilliant time going on all the rides with the children – I swear something happens to people when they become Grandparents as she never would have gone on any with me when I was little… She also takes my kids swimming (a big no no when I was growing up) and buys them ridiculous items like the Jo Jo Bow when I KNOW this sort of fad would have been dismissed entirely by her 30 years ago…

The kids loved every second of the day going on all the diggers and driving other vehicles as well as being total dare devils and going on rides which were super scary! I loved how Jimmy was tall enough at (just) a meter high although he did need a grown up to accompany him on some of them. There’s lots to do for little children too including the wonderful Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zone which is the perfect rest spot for parents to have a cup of tea while little people can play safely.

We adore the Cozy Coupe and think it doesn’t matter how bug you get, you STILL will want to get in one, especially when hey look like this!

There’s a big sand pit in the zone as well as lots of sand tables and Jimmy was in his digging element!

We really did have the most fab time and our only regret is that we didn’t arrive until 2pm. I had been thinking it was only about half a day’s worth of entertainment but we could have stretched this out for two full days at least I reckon! We didn’t get time to do everything and would have loved to have had more so that we could have gone on every single ride, our faves more than once and not had to miss out on the indoor play… Alas we packed as much as we could in and look at the fun we had on our video below!

We will definitely be going back to Diggerland in Kent and next time we will plan properly and spend at least one full day in the park. The Little Tikes area will be on the agenda for a lunch time stop of course and prizing Jimmy away from the diggers in the sand will inevitably happen once again!

Take a look at my favourite pictures from our day and note that we fully give Diggerland and the Little Tikes Play Zone our double thumbs up – it’s AWESOME!

Operating diggers on his own – What could be better?!
They both had such a good day at Diggerland!
That’s Jimmy in there!
My Mum and Jimmy, not sure who enjoyed this more?!
Me and my gal – this was surprisingly hard to operate!
Muchos fun!

Thanks to Little Tikes and Diggerland for inviting us – what a brilliant park!