The 2014 Calendar Looks Good!

Before Christmas I was introduced to the world of CEWE Photobooks when I made my cousin a wonderful photobook of her wedding using their services! The photobook honestly came back like a magnificent professional album which I would expect if I had employed a professional photographer to come and record my wedding! The camera work was all by little old me but using their incredibly easy website I managed to make my novice snaps look like amazing shots to remember! I absolutely loved the finished product when it came and kind of wish that really and truly I’d made an album for myself instead – just being a little selfish!

Knowing how amazingly easy the site is to use, it was without a second thought that I used CEWE when making my Mum her desk top calendar for a Christmas present! I made her one the year before last using a different service which was more expensive and took absolutely ages to come but she’d loved the idea and when she didn’t get one last year she was a bit miffed; I knew I HAD to make her one this year! The calendar was super quick to make, a very good price and came within a week! LOVE it and LOVE CEWE! Next stop and we’re thinking about having some old photographs of my Grandparents restored! I know CEWE would do a fabulous job and I trust them to do the job as wonderfully as they did with my album and calendar!

My Mum loved this calendar and so do I, wish I’d got one for us too now – I never learn do I!


Love this calendar!

I am under no obligation to write about the CEWE calendar but I love it and wanted to share how brilliant it is!