The Art Of Garfunkel’s!

On Sunday we had a long day in London doing lots of fabulous things! We went to the cinema, the theatre and saw the Christmas lights in the West End. It was a lovely family day and to end the fun we decided to have dinner in Garfunkel’s in Leicester Square.

I don’t usually eat out in central London with the children on account of the fact that I find lots of restaurant unfriendly, expensive and not particularly great quality. They kind of have you over a barrel because of their location so I do tend to give them a miss. I probably won’t give Garfunkel’s a miss anymore however as our meal was utterly yummy and for a family of four not terribly expensive either! To top it off, despite being in a prime location in the buzz of the capital they couldn’t have been friendlier to the children and we had a great little booth to all get comfy in as we dined.

The Leicester Square Garfunkel’s isn’t particularly big but the staff ensured we had lots of space and even made sure we had a table with an area for the buggy.

We’re quite big fans of the burger so despite perusing the extensive menu and deliberating over our choices for some time we eventually decided upon a cheese burger for Jonny while I plumped for the pulled pork and cheese burger! Jimmy wasn’t particularly hungry so we thought we’d chance portion size with the children’s meals and order only one for the pair of them. Florence loves spag bol so we ordered her that with a bottomless glass of lemonade (we were out so we allowed a fizzy drink treat). The drink and main meal came as part of the children’s meal deal for £6.95 which also includes a choice of corn on the cob or salad as well as a desert!

The children enjoyed playing with their flags and colouring in their menus while Jonny and I tucked into a rather drinkable bottle of white and the meals came about 15 minutes later.

Garfunkels Post

We felt very welcome and enjoyed the time waiting for our food!

The burgers are absolutely HUGE and between them, the fries and the red cabbage coleslaw, even I, with my massive appetite, couldn’t manage ALL of the chips! My burger was delicious, really moorish and with the juicy slow cooked pulled pork it was just up my street. Great burger garnishes too with fresh tasting dill pickles and salad. Jonny said his was rather yummy too and by his completely clear plate I could see he wasn’t being polite!

Garfunkels Post 2

Yummy burgers!

The waiter brought me an extra bowl for Jimmy along with a tea spoon and I halved the portion of spaghetti which still left a substantial portion for each of them. Florence decided she wasn’t that keen on the corn on the cob but her little brother devoured it! I had no idea he would like it so much but I’ll definitely be making it for him in the future too as it was a real hit and ALL of the pasta was woolfed down speaking for itself!

Garfunkels Post 3

Pasta and corn on the cod was a big hit and the portion was more than enough for my two!

You’d think after such big portions we wouldn’t be able to fit in desert but it was Sunday so how could we resist an ice cream sundae? Jonny and I did show a little decorum by sharing a chocolate brownie one while the children tucked into a strawberry child’s size! It was a lovely sweet treat at the end of the meal and the children really enjoyed decorating their own desert with the packet of chocolate buttons that the desert came with!

Garfunkels Post 4 Garfunkels Post 5

Yummy Sundaes on Sunday!

We’d definitely eat here again! Great value and great food right in the heart of the buzz in London, we’re impressed!

Garfunkels Post 6

We had a brilliant visit to Garfunkel’s in Leicester Square!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was provided with a voucher for our meal in return for an honest review.