Bscetti Anyone?

Florence is learning how to read and write. She may still only be three years old but her nursery is attached to the school we hope she’ll go to and they put a lot of emphasis on learning as well as play.

She is well ahead of the game and when it comes to reading and writing, having that new code unlocked for the very first time, I think early can only be a good thing! They do have lots of fun playing in sand, crafting and everything else you would imagine but the literacy and numeracy hours at her school have been brilliant for her and not only that but she finds this just as much fun as playing!

She is simply loving sounding out words when she sees them written down and constantly asks me how to spell something or what a certain letter looks like. I love this and feel so incredibly proud of her new found love of language.

Bscetti Post 1

I’m super proud of my lovely bright girl!

Florence has always been very good at speaking so I guess writing was bound to come next. She spoke in sentences from her first birthday and this is the natural progression. There are some words, however, that she doesn’t or hasn’t quite pronounced properly in the past. Part of why there are still the odd one or two now might be because we have found so many of them endearing and now use her words instead of the real ones – I know, bit bad but some of them are really cute!

I loved it when she said pappy instead of nappy and fofa for the sofa, it was just too sweet! She’s grown out of those two now but two of the ones which have stuck are CARBONANA for carbonara and BSCETTI for spaghetti – must be a pasta thing!

Anyway, on Saturday Florence was busily writing away, creating a menu as it happens and she wanted to know how to spell the rest of a word…

‘Mummy’ she said, ‘Can you tell me how to spell scetty’?

‘Scetty’? I asked, ‘what’s that?’

‘You know Mummy, for Bscetty, I’ve done the B but I don’t know how to do the scetti…

Bscetti Post

Her lovely solo writing and then I thought I’d better help!

I think this means Daddy and I are going to have to stop calling it Bscetti and Carbonana ourselves now doesn’t it, we’re going to totally confuse things otherwise!

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One thought on “Bscetti Anyone?

  1. Ah too adorable. I know exactly what you mean though as I was gutted when Aaron started saying BUTTERFLY where it was once BUFFERLY.
    I hold dearly onto the fact that he says tay-po-to instead of potato. I am naughty as I even say “do you want tay-po-to for dinner?”. Hey they’re only young once right?

    Wow she is only three. When I saw her drawing at Google Mums I thought she must be 4/5. You have given me a kick up the bum now as Aaron doesn’t write or draw.

    Liska xx

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