The Difference a Minute Can make!

I know I’m on holiday but I couldn’t let today pass without a tiny post about something very important! Today, September 6th 2012, is the first ever ‘National Safety Day’ launched by Lindam, the UK’s number one safety brand! It’s about the difference a minute can make and what we can do to prevent accidents happening in the home. There are so many hazards in the home for tiny tots to encounter from disinfectants and bleaches in cupboards to corners on coffee tables; things that as single adults we wouldn’t have noticed but as parents we are terrified of! I suspect for most people, like me, Lindam is the brand we immediately go to for many products, the obvious like stair gates and play pens. We also have their door bouncer which Florence loved and I can’t wait to try Jimmy in it too but aside from stair gates they make a whole host of other products all with safety in mind. Jimmy is very nearly too big for his moses basket and as he’s already rolling over I think I’m probably not supposed to have him in it anymore. I’m putting off moving him into the cot because I like having him in our room but the time will have to happen soon and we haven’t room for a cot in our bedroom. I am so pleased then that I have the Clarity Digital Video Monitor also by Lindam; I’ll be able to just open my eyes and see him even from another room!

They’re the things we immediately think of, the prevention of falling down stairs, being able to see our babies when they sleep and popping them in a pen when we need to leave the room but what about the smaller things? Florence has banged her head many times, toddlers fall over, it happens and if you have something with corners on then they will inevitably fall head first onto one! Corner cushions are ideal for preventing too much damage being done! Then there are those little fingers which were made for exploring; if there are little holes, like say the holes in a plug socket, those little fingers will find their way in! Just bung them up with plug socket covers and if you’re abroad take European plug socket covers with you, easy enough eh! I’ve filled up my villa with plug socket covers and would never travel without them! Back home we also have catches on all our cupboards, in the beginning it was so Florence couldn’t get in and harm herself and now it’s so she doesn’t just raid the yum cupboard for chocolate but either way they do their job! She’s also rather fond of opening the freezer because she likes the pictures of food on the inside of the door, an appliance latches is great for keeping my freezer un-defrosted! Basically, you can never be too careful. Yes accidents happen, Florence scolded her finger tips on a pan from the oven just the other day. I told her to stand back but just wasn’t vigilant enough and her being as inquisitive as she is, heard me saying don’t touch it and thought that sounded rather inviting. So we all have accidents now and again but if we can prevent some things in just one minute then why not and with Lindam’s help it couldn’t be easier. They do a superb Home Safety Kit which contains all sorts of items including the ones I talked about above and it’s a great little pack to start with when your baby begins to be on the move!

And just before I go, if you’re not convinced that Lindam really are making the best safety products on the market then think about this when you shade your baby in the car. Does your shade protect from UV rays? You can tan (and burn) through glass so it’s important that you have a shade which does! Lindam have brought out the Safety SunBlock Shade which is a shade like no other. It not only protects from UV rays and shades from the suns glare but has their patented white hot heat alert system built in. If the car is too hot then the disc on the bottom of the shade will alert you! Simply wonderful idea and I’m so glad we have one. Thanks Lindam for some great products and reminding us of the difference a minute can make!


Here’s a baby Florence with some of our Lindam favourites! The play pen was great and when she wasn’t in it, as pictured, we just used to tidy all the toys into it! Awww, and she loved to bounce (I’m sure Jimmy will too)! The home saftey gear might not make such cute pictures but it’s just as important!