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Anyone whose ever read my blog will probably know we love going to the theatre! I, as an actress myself, would say it’s probably my favourite form of entertainment and I have most certainly thrown my children into theatre going from a very early age. For Jimmy, since he was just 3 weeks old when he attended his first live show!

Children’s theatre is my new passion and when I find a new company, show or individual theatre that specialises in shows for Little’s then I will always shout loudly about it – if it’s good! Today we have been to the Lost Theatre in Stockwell where the Red Table Theatre company are showing their production of ‘The Just So Stories’ from 2nd-14th April 2013. They are a relatively new company with brothers Piers and Rafe Beckley setting it up in 2010 and later being joined by Kelly Goulding in 2012.

So, as regular little theatre critics, what did my little ones think of this production of four of Rudyard Kipling’s best-beloved stories?

Well, they both absolutely loved it! It reminded me of being read bed time stories by my Father. He would never, could never, just read a story and would always act them out with wonderful voices making it as vivid as possible for me. The four actresses used their voices, both spoken and in song, more than anything else and along with the fun and imaginative props and choreography it was like watching one of my old bed time stories come alive all over again. All four performers were spot on but I particluarly enjoyed the physical performances from Jo Wickham – great boot up the bottom at one point!

It was the perfect style for a three year old but because of the setting, bean bags at the front and plenty of space to sprawl out and with the brightly coloured props with harmonic singing, it was also the perfect style for a baby! 45 minutes long was just the right amount of time before the actors came down into the audience and asked us to try on the costumes and ask them questions which was a nice little touch at the end and most appreciated by everyone.

Remember in the Jungle Book (also Rudyard Kipling) when Mowgli is given a story of how the tiger got his stripes? Well the ‘Just So Stories’ are all tales of this ilk, how the elephant got his trunk and why a crab sheds his shell for one month of the year were our favourites of the four we watched today and we could easily go back tomorrow and see some more – if only they were doing that!

Fun, entertaining, perfectly performed and hitting just the right notes both in song and performance, this is one not to be missed! Sadly if you don’t get in quick you might just though because they are only on with this particular run until 14th April 2013! Just So for little story lovers, Just So for babies who enjoy dancing and swirling umbrellas, Just So for the length, cost and setting… Just So then really and my advice would be… JUST GO!

Florence dresses up at the end as the crocodile who fought with the elephant child and gave him his long trunk for a nose!

Tickets cost £10 for adults and £8 for children plus booking fees and can be purchased on line here or by ringing the box office on 0844 847 1680.

I have not been paid to write this post but I was offered complimentary tickets for the purpose of review.

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