Donkey Wants Some Sun!

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I’m STILL waiting to ‘Jazz it up for summer‘ with my new colours for Le Donk! I cannot believe the weather we are having at the moment – it’s just SO cold! I know April can be changeable and ‘April showers’ are obviously expected but today snow is forecast!

This is how I want my Donkey to look – hurry up sunshine!

I’m happy to keep carrying my rain covers but I thought that by now I might have been able to get rid of the footmuff! Instead I’m adding extra padding and wrapping Florence up in a blanket her side too!

Florence and Jimmy wrapped up warm

Yesterday it felt like the depths of winter… No bright yellows, blues and black and white stripes for us yet…

I WILL be writing a post very soon about changing the colours on my buggy… Just not going to be today I’m afraid so I shall leave you with this… I always advise anyone who asks on the merits of buying a Bugaboo. You do get what you pay for after all! I only wish they made children’s toy buggies because never before have I seen a gal more in need of her own little Donkey!

florence buggy

A bag on her back, a bag on her front and two babies in one little buggy… She needs her own Donkey!

For more information on the ‘Donkey’ and all other ‘Bugaboo’ products please see their website

I have not been paid to write this post.


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