The Magic Of Milestones With VTech Baby!

The Magic Of Milestones With VTech Baby!

Last week I was invited to find out how leading toy brand VTech have partnered with ex-Lioness Ellen White to celebrate the magical journey of milestones as babies learn through play. Spending the morning at high end baby club Maggie and Rose was no hardship and all my children, Posie in particular (who of course falls into their target audience) had the most wonderful time playing and engaging with the toys which see children enjoying learning through play from birth.

Jimmy fondly remembers his VTech walker and Florence still has her pink camera, a prize present one Christmas when she was little, and it was interesting to see how some of these items have remained largely unchanged. They got the formula right once so for decades have been stalwarts on the scene with many children being able to enjoy them. The longevity of such toys is what sticks with me and gives VTech such an edge, There’s no gimmicks, no flashy, brashy promise which can’t deliver. Instead their toys have been made with an eye that knows what it’s looking at. And it’s the same now, as it always was. newer, innovative toys are created but because they knew what they were doing in the beginning the old favourites stay for the next generation.

VTech have put a lot of research into what makes a great play and sensory experience for all the age ranges they cater for and Ellen, with her new baby, agrees that VTech prioritise those magical moments with little ones.

Often those moments aren’t just the big ones and while of course we record the momentous first steps and words, it can be simple things like a look, a smile, a laugh or just an understanding. Posie constantly impresses me with the things she says and as I find myself asking her all the time “where did you learn that Posie?” it is often revealed to be that she has learned through play, something particularly imaginative has sparked a new understanding and I love that!

Play doesn’t have to be prescriptive, even if something is specifically made to look like an item! I know this element often deters parents from buying toys and have had the conversation so many times about how a toy might dictate a certain point of play. However, children are amazing and find their own ways whatever they’re playing with so adding in elements which can enhance is just brilliant in my book. Just because something looks like a phone for instance, doesn’t mean it will always be used as a phone and I think that’s what parents forget, or have lost the ability to be imaginative with. I find it fascinating watching small children navigate this area and with the experitse born with VTech toys the invitation to play is way more than how it may simply look to a grown up. Raffie proved this point brilliantly as he turned the VTech Twist and Tech cube into a police siren on his pretend car the other day. The invitation is there, the prescription doesn’t have to be and with the bath time otter which came home with us after the event becoming Posie’s “baby dolly” for the day it gives just another example.

What VTech do really well is understand little minds, they invoke the desires for children to move onto the next steps which will, of course, be different for every child as each one of them is going to be different too. They understand that and have done for years.

It was a great morning getting to know an already well loved in our house brand and gathering a new understanding for how they work.

Thanks for having us guys!

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