The Reindeer Feeder!

The Reindeer Feeder!

Who feeds the reindeer while Santa delivers the presents? The Reindeer Feeder that’s who and if you don’t have one… Well, expect some pretty lethargic reindeer this Christmas because the big FC in red simply won’t have time to do everything now will he?!

Look, I’m all over Christmas and I love a bit of a novelty which is exactly what this is but unlike those pesky elves (we started it and now we can’t stop, it’s a bit tiresome at times but the kids love it so…) this is one new tradition you can add without it taking over the whole of December! And yet the magical element is pretty similar and the kids will indeed love it so why not?!

We will make him part of our Christmas Eve fireside tradition!

The Reindeer Feeder is a Shrumann (shrunken human – looks like a Stacey Solomon favourite elf – follow her on Instagram and you’ll know what I mean) and he comes with a sack to leave the carrots in as well as a story book all about the Shrumann and their important Christmas role!

It’s all pretty simple and sweet – you place the Shrumann in your window and keep his sack beside him ready for the carrots and then you display a window decal where Santa can clearly see it to know he needs to stop with his reindeer. You also have to fill in your Shrumann’s feeder licence with his name (you decide) and address.

We thought we would simply add him to our fire side tradition of mince pie and hot chocolate (as well as a sherry but I didn’t have any in the house for the picture – sorry) and Raffie has been reading the book today. He’s taken quite a shine to the Shrumann which he has simply named Chri-mas and won’t let him go so not sure we’ll get to display him in our window but I don’t think I have to worry as Santas is pretty magic and he’s not forgotten us yet!

I think the Shrumann can be adapted into your traditions any way you please and he’s just another way to make a little extra magic this Christmas which goodness knows we all need for 2020 don’t we?!

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We were gifted this product as part of a partnership with The Reindeer Feeder.