Personalised Roses Exclusive To Prezzybox!

Personalised Roses Exclusive To Prezzybox!

With second lockdown in full swing it dawned on me that by the time I actually get a chance to go Christmas shopping the day will nearly be upon us and my best laid plans for getting on top of the festive magic way ahead of time are well and truly out of the window. Last year I swore was the very last I’d be up until 2am wrapping presents on Christmas Eve and had fully thought I’d be a November shopper for 2020. Not too early like some of the friends I have who go all out in the summer sales but early enough to be ahead of the game while it still feeling festive in the city. Then came COVID lockdown mark 2 and well, it just isn’t going to happen like that is it!

Actually I hate shopping anyway and my mind’s ideal of sipping mulled wine on stops after every few purchases as I listen to festive buskers in the prettily lit streets never does quite come off so perhaps it’s a blessing that I don’t get to go INTO the shops this year? Saying that it does beg the question of where I can pick up my gifts then? And on line it has to be!

I’m all for shopping local and shopping small but a friend pointed out that while that’s very worthy and indeed a definite option, there are bigger companies who still employ people who need jobs and I shouldn’t be afraid of buying with them either. So I’ll be all over the internet as it goes, with (non alcoholic – pregnancy) mulled wine in one hand and the ether at the finger tips of the other. And one such stop for gifts is definitely A simple on line shopping experience which is unaffected by the pandemic and who are delivering as per usual – they know what they’re doing because they do this regardless of the climate and with gifts to suit every budget as well as ideas for every person in your life (I like the no thinking aspect the best I think – they will bring me the options that are suitable based on my input criteria) – it literally couldn’t be easier!

They sent me an exclusive to their website in their personalised tubs of Cadbury’s Roses which scream Christmas in their nostalgia but which are actually bang up to date and I LOVE that you can choose up to 15 characters to make the tub yours! We have a Knowles Family tub filled to the brim with the iconic chocolates everyone knows and loves and for £14.99 I think it makes an excellent gift delivered straight to your door!

So that’s where I’ll be in some of the shopping build up, over at Prezzybox, eating Roses and choosing gifts while I sit in the comfort of my own home!