Poo Curling With Studio!

Poo Curling With Studio!

Literally cannot believe the title of this blog post or that I chose to write it and have it there like that but the reason is… That’s the name of the game! What can I say?! Poo Curling, yes, really!

Poo Curling – it’s a game you know!

I’d love to say there’s only one member of this household who would find great joy in a game named “Poo Curling” alas… the 8 year old is very definitely not the only one. The 3 year old is absolutely following in his big brother’s toilet humour foot steps and if I’m completely honest I think we all know the poo jokes were born from the 42 year old (Daddy) who, aptly for this game promo, has a story involving not just poo but the word curling too. I. Kid. You. Not!

It’s quite revolting, involves a friend of his with a meat based nick name, a bowls green out of hours and a scaled fence. I won’t repeat it in full (you can use your imagination) but let’s just say when Jonny did tell it in all its glory recently, Jimmy thought it was the most fun story he’d ever heard and now we cannot go past said bowling green without the words “curling one out” escaping his mouth followed by much laughter.

I may never forgive Jonny just as my friend hasn’t after he taught Florence and her other bridesmaids at her wedding an alternative to the song “There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden” (it involved more bum holes than gardens… What can I say, I’m living in a house of lost causes)!

Anyway… This is how I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the game “Poo Curling” sold by Studio, is going to be a massive hit this Christmas for our house. We are 60% made up of boys with poo humour it’s more than a little up their street!

Poo Curling by Studio is a slim line game that would fit in a stocking – I can already hear the wicked giggling from the boys!
Just roll out the mat and off you go – it’s best on the dining table to be honest!
You play in teams or as individuals – the different sides have slightly differently coloured poo – I know, I know!

A novelty yes but at £12.99 it will buy me some time on Christmas Day and they really will enjoy it. The best bit is that this game of traditional curling (albeit with poo emoji sliders rather than stones) which simply needs a flat surface to play on, will package up super slim in its box and not require a massive space to be stored. I don’t know if this is an issue on other mums agendas but it’s certainly on mine! So… Christmas Day Poo Curling anyone?!

Poos or stones – what does it really matter eh?!

I was gifted the product as part of a partnership with Studio.