The Style Project Hints – February 2016!

I’ve so enjoyed working as part of the team for #TheStyleProject and absolutely loved taking part in January! I didn’t do every single day because life is somewhat taking over at the moment with our house move but I tried my best and got lots more than I thought from the days that I could take part!

I found lovely things I’d forgotten existed and have re-introduced them to my wardrobe. Admittedly as we’re moving I am going through all of my belongings anyway but #TheStyleProejct has really given me the impetus to go look for items I might not have worn on that day but am super glad I have once I’ve found them! It’s made me feel good putting on a bit more makeup than I otherwise might and that little bit of a hint has just been a really fun way to start the day when deciding my style!


This was my fave post from the month and was from the hint #SupermarketChic. I love this old scarf and thought it was a pretty rubbishy picture if I’m honest but I got loads of likes and it made me feel really good. I’ve been wearing it ever since! It’s very old but totally loved and I now know it’s not going to the back of the wardrobe again for a while!

I’ve been really enjoying everyone else’s posts too and they’ve given me some fab ideas for things I want to wear
myself and THIS is what it’s all about! My top three from January are…


@AmyFiveInOne with her #Mismatched, #OverTheTop and #Silver ensemble! Wow, love everything!


This is one of @ModernMummy‘s posts from the January #TheStyleProject! I love her! This pic is fabbaduppa!


Love that @TheJoyOfFive is joinging in with #TheStyleProject and LOVE this from the hint #Sophistication! From her wedding day in Brighton could compliment her style with so much more than the word sophistication! How about gorgeous, stylish, cool, beautiful and amazing to start!

So, they were my faves for January and now on to the hints for Feb. Here they are folks, I can’t wait to see your posts!

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