Three Easy Easter Foodie Treats To Make The Little’n’s Smile!

As I have mentioned, I am not the worlds best chef. I do try though and I like to make my children smile by creating fun food with smiling faces out of the veg and the like. When we made our Cute Easter Biscuits the other day I had a bit of a brain wave (well actually my friend Lucy gave me a bit of an idea so she should have some credit really)! We used Easter shaped metal cutters to make the biscuits; They were just 99p in the pound shop so I didn’t mind if they didn’t get much use but with these three fun foodie ideas it seems the cutters will be used a lot more this Easter!

First Fun Easter Foodie Treat – Easter Fried Eggs Or Omelettes!

Use a large frying pan and after oiling and heating arrange the metal cutters around the pan. You could then simply break an egg into each one and have a special Easter shaped fried egg or make like us and mix an omelette mixture to pour into them! Just look at our fab Easter shaped omelettes!


They thought it was great fun cooking inside the cutter and then having bunny rabbit omelettes!

Second Fun Easter Foodie Treat – Easter Shaped Sandwiches!

My children have sandwiches most lunch times and occasionally, if it’s a special treat, I use cutters to make their sandwiches more interesting. Just make a sandwich as normal and then use cutters to cut and press the shapes out of the middle. Look at these cute chick sandwiches!


Using the chick cutter I made funky Easter sandwiches!

Third Fun Easter Foodie Treat – Easter Fruity Bites!

Any fruit like melon, mango or pears, something which can be cut into flat slices big enough to use a shape cutter on, can be used to make fun fruit! We used a melon here and cut the bottom off then cut a couple of flat slices before cutting out Easter shapes with our cutters! We ate them on their own but you could dress them up with sprinkles or ice cream sauces or place them on top of yogurt to jazz that up a bit!


Florence thought our Easter melon shapes were brilliant!

Hope you like our Fun Easy Easter Foodie Treats! There’s loads more you could do, my friend Lucy was talking about making jelly inside of them and all sorts! Fun shaped food always goes down a treat with my little ones and we’ve really enjoyed creating these ones together!