A Whiter Smile?!

I live in East London. Essex is on my doorstep… There are an awful lot of WHITE teeth in this neck of the woods!

If I’m honest I think it looks a bit ridiculous when someone smiles at you through brilliant white teeth and just, well, not natural really!

That doesn’t mean I want yellow teeth or anything, definitely not! I’d like whiter teeth just not ridiculous ones! I wouldn’t go and have them painted for example and I definitely wouldn’t have them veneered like the kids IN TOWIE but I would use a whitening toothpaste if it made any difference!

I’ve used them in the past however and they’ve not really worked or not visibly in an instant way anyway! But I was sent some Colgate MAX WHITE ONE to review so thought I’d give whitening toothpaste another whirl!

Whitening Toothpaste Colgate

The MAX WHITE ONE toothpaste by Colgate!

It promises to whiten teeth instantly with the optical brighteners (tiny blue pigments visible as little blue beads in the paste) by forming an invisible sheen on the teeth reflecting blue light. It also says that over time the added stain removers will progressively whiten for a longer lasting effect.

Did it work?

Yes, kind of, I think it did. So my teeth weren’t dazzling but then as I mentioned, I don’t want them to be, however I did notice a subtle something after first use and my teeth felt incredibly clean. I do genuinely think the light thing worked a bit and although not terribly dramatic I think it worked enough to make the paste worth its £4.49 price tag. The clean feeling must be the sheen that the paste produces and I’d say it lasted until I’d eaten and drunk something. Fairly impressive for an inexpensive method of whitening and available in all major retailers so easy to get your hands on.

It tastes minty and fresh and doesn’t feel powdery as other whitening pastes I’ve tried have so is rather pleasant.

Family Fever

I was sent a tube of the MAX WHITE ONE toothpaste for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. I’ve often used whitening toothpastes but there’s only one that I’ve ever felt had any effect.
    Thanks for linking up this week 🙂

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