Top Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

Top Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

Choosing the right school for your child is hugely beneficial to your child’s development. It can change their lives and will shape their future. But deciding what’s best for your child can be a hard choice to make when there’s a range of schools in the local area.

For parents there should be a lot of research done beforehand, chatting to other parents and asking other teachers depending on your situation. Online reviews are also great for this, as well as checking school grade ratings and exam results.

With that in mind, here are some top tips for choosing the best school in your local area, courtesy of one of the best London sixth forms.

Check your local commute

While it won’t be the biggest factor of choosing your ideal school, a good commute can always make your mornings easier and more manageable. If there’s a local bus route, or better yet, a school that already provides a bus service in the local area, then it can make your child feel more at ease when heading to school. Similarly, an easy access road to take your child to school in the car can also make things simpler in the mornings.

Talk to neighbours and parents

A common way of getting to know what schools are best is through general conversations between parents and people you bump into. You can then get a feel for where most parents take children to school based on what they think of them. You’re probably more likely to take your child to a school that’s highly rated by parents and people that know the local schools, in comparison to doing all your research online.

Check grade reviews online

While researching online can give you biased opinions, there are a lot of pieces of information you can use to develop your own understanding of school ratings and honest reviews of the schools. Grades and exam results of schools are going to be the most important – you’ll want your child to succeed as best they can! Having better ratings online will give you peace of mind when deciding on the best school for you and your child.

Trust your gut

If you’ve done a lot of research and planned well ahead of time, then go with your gut. Open days and talking to teachers will help you get a rounded view of the best schools around, and you can get a feeling for the way schools are run. Trust in you and you’ll know to make the best decision for your child.