Turning 35!

I remember my parents turning 35 so it seems pretty old to me yet I don’t really feel as old as I remember thinking 35 is… Yet this week I turned just that and with my birthday I have hit mid thirties!

I can’t believe it.

People have said I don’t look it. Thanks very much if you are one of them… But it doesn’t stop the fact it is both true and while just sleeping in my bed doing nothing more at all I managed to hurt my back two nights before my birthday so that I winced while walking… OLD is the word that springs to mind!

But with my age I have happiness and that is worth its weigh in gold so if I am 35 who cares and I intend to grow old disgracefully (well, when my back gets better anyway)!

I had an excellent birthday week and still have more to come with a night out with friends tonight!

Thanks to my family and friends who have made turning 35 lots of fun! This was how I spent my birthday week!

On Sunday my heart swelled with pride watching Florence and her friend Zhane dance in their first ever ballet and tap show. It was at the Harlow Playhouse and with a full house Florence looked amazing on the stage and a collective awwwwww went up as she, the tiniest one there, flew across the stage holding the hands of the other dancers who were going in the opposite direction!

Ballet Post

Florence back stage before the show where I left her looking tiny!

Ballet Post 1

Florence and Zhane proud as punch with presents of necklaces and flowers from me and Zhane’s Mummy Lucy after the show. They were high on adrenalin as was I!

Then on Monday we went to London Zoo! We had an awesome day of fun just the three of us and the children thought it was thoroughly brilliant! I had my picture taken with both of them in front of the gorillas which I did with Florence two weeks before Jimmy was born so I thought it would be good for posterity!

Birthday Post 1

Fun at the zoo!

On my actual birthday we went with my Mum to see Elephantom which was so much fun and absolutely beautiful and then I went to see some Christmas in July press shows! I had my picture taken in a giant snow globe feeling very festive (and a little tipsy as had said yes to every glass of fizz going considering it was my birthday) on my summer birthday which was a bit surreal!

I went out for dinner with Jonny and then tonight I am seeing my pals before taking Florence up to my Mum’s to meet her and Jimmy. My Mum is taking Jimmy for the night in preparation of the wedding we are going to in Spain without the children so he can get used to being away from me. Tomorroe Florence and I are going to a dolly launch and another press party which she will love as it will be just the two of us!

I love birthdays and I love birthday weeks even more! Why limit yourself to one day when you can have 7?!

Birthday Post

Elephantom was awesome on my birthday!

Birthday Post 2

Sbow globe Christmas fun at Morrisons on my summer birthday!

Welcome to mid thirties I guess… I’m not changing!

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  1. How did we never twig before that you and Tilly share a day – she’s also celebrating over the week. Have a wonderful one!! Xxx

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