The #UKMumSquad Get Their Panda Eyes On For TOMS!

With the weather taking a turn for the sunshine this week I can’t wait to get my summer grooves on with some fab new fashion. I just love sunny days with floaty dresses and minimal make up plus let’s not forget it also mean sunglasses heaven (no unsightly eye bags on display) – YES, this is definitely a season to smile about.

It also means buying a fab new wardrobe of course, not just for myself but for the kidorinas also and with lots of inspiration in the press shows I’ve been attending recently, I know exactly what I’ve got my eye on. This week we’ve been down to the TOMS flagship store just around the corner from the eclectic and bohemian Carnaby Street and while we enjoyed ethical hot drinks from their cafe (yes, they have a cafe in store) we got to see their latest addition to the TOMS Animal Initiative.

If it weren’t enough that TOMS donate a pair of shoes for every pair bought they also donate to charity in many other ways and their animal initiative along with WildAid means that with special ranges they can help endangered species to boot. The latest in this line are the ‘Panda Pals’ which come in sizes from teeny tiny (seriously tiny) to adult and with panda camo’ or panda faces to choose from you can kit the whole fam out with something really special this summer!

Teeny tiny Panda Pal TOMS!
Medium pandas can get in on the TOMS WIldAid action too!
And grown Pandas can’t be left out either!

There are fewer than 2000 pandas in the world and with TOMS supporting WildAid in its conservation efforts to the giant panda such as those in China’s Sichuan Province these majestic creatures are more likely to roam the earth for generations to come. This is on top of the fact that TOMS will donate a pair to a child in need for every pair sold.

Well, I’m sold! How about you?!

TOMS ethics are so cool aren’t they? I attended the event with my girl gang of choice, the #UKMumSquad and we were all in agreement that the shoes are ace. Our only problems were choosing which to go for. camo’ or faces??? I went camo’ in the end for the whole family but we were probably 50/50.

It was rather apt that I was at the event with the #UKMumSquad team when I saw this bag.

TOMS do so much more than shoes!

These ladies are my team and when it comes to both work and friendship they’re absolutely fab. We don’t really live that close to each other unfortunately but it doesn’t make our friendship any the worse. There’s ten of us in total but we’re dotted all over the UK so I thought this bag was perfect for our little squad – we ALL need one! We are made up of myself, Katy from Modern Mummy, Carolynne who writes Mummy Endeavours, Karen at N4 Mummy, Emily who owns Family Four Fun, Hannah at What Hannah Did Next, Emma from The Joy of Five, Lisa, the writer at New Mum On Line, Kara who runs Innocent Charms Chats and Carissa from Little Likely Lads.

From left to right and top to bottom: Emma, Katy, Hannah, Carolynne, me, Karen and Emily – we were missing Lisa, Kara and Carissa yesterday!

I think everyone from our little group has a totally different style when it comes to fashion but I think we all found something to love at TOMS. Karen’s little one had an adorable pair on himself and I had previously had no idea they made them so tiny. The girly shoes are just gorgeous… How cute are these sparkly ones?!

Sparkly baby Toms!

Another bag I found while there as this beautiful suede number with a tassel on the zip. SO perfect for a summer festival!

They also make this in the softest pink – gorgeous!

But what really took my eyes for the day were the TOMS sunnies! Here I am trying on my fave pair from the collection with Katy trying on hers. The pair I’m wearing cost just under £117 and have the most divine lenses, I’m so not into buying cheapy numbers this year – they always make me squint and I’ve enough eye creases thanks! Nope, I need a pair with super subtle lenses which block out the glare like these. They also make a gold frame which would be MY CHOICE!

Do you like Katy’s or my faves best?

Come on summer… We want to get our TOMS on!