My Mother’s Day Wishlist!

A bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed… Isn’t that what all us mums really want on Mother’s Day? This little beauty popped up on my Facebook Time Hop app the other day and I was reminded just how sweet it is when the kids are old enough to want to make a fuss of you!

My littlest Flobo wrote this for me 2 year’s ago when she came to wake me up for a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed!

And here we are, a few days before Mother’s Day this year and I’ve been thinking about what I’d really like for the day. Ok, ok, I know it’s Mother’s Day but really and truly I just want a day where we all get to be together and have some fun. For me it’s about the kids being happy as that’s what makes me happy so I’ve created a wishlist for my Mother’s Day 2017.

Firstly I’d like to start the day with one of Florence’s special menus and some brekkie in bed of course. I will no doubt have had my morning cuddles from Jimmy so a squeeze in bed and an almond croissant (which I will no doubt share with them both) would be ideal. I love this little tradition of ours and they usually bring me flowers too which is very sweet. I love things like the Ma Jars which my friend Edie Rose Designs makes in Leytonstone. Sadly we’re not close enough for one of her lovely bunches this year but I saw a leaflet for our local farm shop which sounded like they might do something similar and I have left it out on the table as a bit of a hint for Jonny!

Next up I feel a trip to London coming on… We’ve been invited to a pre-screening of Baby Boss and a visit to Kidzania and I just thought why not? My friend Hannah from What Hannah Did Next said I must be mad considering such a frantic day on the day I’m allowed to do nothing but honestly I think it sounds like fun so I’m forcing my husband’s hand, calling Mother’s Day and we will be leaving the house at about 6am… Eek!

I’d always say a meal out is welcome on Mother’s Day too, wouldn’t you? Who wants to cook?! I’d love to go out for a roast diner somewhere but I suspect all our usual East London haunts will be booked up by now so I shall almost certainly fall to our old fave Pizza Express – it never disappoints, what can I say?!


I’d love to request an early night (instead of the lie in) when we get home. Something cakey tucked up in bed with the latest episode of TOWIE sounds like treat central to me!

Saying all that… All I really need is me with these and I’ll be happy!

So… Just some time with the family, a little bit of sleep, something good to eat and smiles! Oh… But if there are going to be presents then I definitely have my eye on a couple a booties (as we say in Norfolk)!

What does mum really, really want? I’ll tell you what this mum, really, really wants and it doesn’t involve zig a zig ahhhhing!

Ok, my top 3 presents, aside from the flowers and all the lovey dovey bit (I’m nothing if not greedy)… Would be:

  • First up I would LOVE a Fitbit Blaze. I’ve wanted a Fitbit for absolutely ages so that I can track my steps, encourage me to walk to school and see if I can actually make it make me want to be a bit more exercise-y… I doubt very much it will enlighten me on my sleep pattern, I already KNOW I don’t get enough of that but I’m super excited that the Blaze will remind me to move (thanks), monitor my heart rate and work with my phone amongst many other things. I was undecided between this and the Flex 2 because you can swim with the latter and I do a lot of that but… I was more into the idea of seeing everything on the screen and it looking like a proper watch. Plus I LOVED the slim pink strap that you can accessorise the Blaze with… Call me girlie if you will…
The slim pink strapped Fitbit Blaze – I can se this becoming a summer fixture for my wrist – I MUST get fit, I MUST get fit!
  • Next for my second choice of presents I’m gonna stick with the girlie theme and go shoes all the way! I went to the Crocs press show a while back which showcased all that glitters for their 2017 summer collection and I fell IN LOVE with the women’s CitiLane Sequin Slip-Ons in GOLD (the silver and black are lovely but it’s GOLD all the way for me)! Crocs have come a long, long way since they first emerged on the scene in the early noughties (well that’s when I first noticed them because I distinctly remember buying a red pair) and clogs alone they are no more. Sure you can still buy the style which made them famous but I rather prefer the other, more up-to-date stykes like these CitiLanes. I love their summer shoes and these ones will take me through spring, into the sunny days and out the other side again. I shall wear them with baggy denims and a-line skirts. BEAUTIFUL! (oh and let us not forget the comfort… These beauties deliver on every level!
Summer 17 is set to sparkle with Crocs!
  • And lastly (I don’t ask for much do I) I would LOVE an ear cuff! I adore earrings but haven’t worn them for years because mine need to be re-pierced and I never think about it when I’m walking past Claire’s to get them done… Subsequently every time I consider adorning my ears with something pretty, I can’t. I thought an ear cuff would be perfect and this post from N4Mummy has really inspired me, take look at the one she’s wearing – it’s gorgeous!

Well, I think that’s quite enough self indulgence for one day but hey, it is Mummy’s day so a little bit of indulgence can definitely be accepted…