Unique Monthly Wellbeing Box Launches For Mums-To-Be!

I have a very good friend who is currently pregnant! It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to throw her a baby shower… Although that won’t be for a while yet! It doesn’t feel that long ago since I was pregnant and I remember how exhausting it is so I’ve been telling her to rest and relax and trying to pass on things which I think will help her do that! I’ve just heard about a new idea which sounds fab for pregnant women! A whole box of goodies designed to support mums-to-be! Its called Project-B and sounds like super lovely luxury! The best bit is that you can have a new box for every month of your pregnancy from 4 months on – perfect for my friend then who is just coming up to the 4 month mark of her pregnancy! I definitely like the idea myself don’t you?!

Project-B is a brand new monthly box of wellbeing goodies designed to nurture the pregnancy journey of mum-to-be.  Working with some of the UK’s leading brands, and industry experts, each Project-B box is tailored to a month of pregnancy, supporting mum-to-be with helpful tips, information and products. You could just buy as a one off gift or have it as a regular treat!

The first Project-B box starts in Month 4 of pregnancy, with a further 6 boxes up to Month 10 – a Congratulations box – once baby has arrived.  It has been designed to encourage wellbeing during pregnancy, as well as giving a platform for pregnant mums to experience, learn and feedback on different products.  Mums-to-be can join the service at any point during in their pregnancy, and only pay for the boxes they receive.

What’s in each box?

The products included in each box are tailored to each specific stage of pregnancy and range from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household items, to pampering.  Brands include Pregnacare, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Spontex, Weleda, Green People and Metanium to name but a few.  Alongside this, Project-B has industry experts on board who give impartial, pro-choice information in each box.  These are Midwife and Health Professional Nikki Holdsworth RSc (Hons) RM and journalist and author of ‘What To Buy For Your Baby’ Liat Hughes Joshi.  Their information covers the following:

  • This Month’s Pregnancy – an overview of what’s going on!
  • Eating Well this Month
  • Staying Active this Month
  • Shopping Ideas this Month – for pregnancy and for baby
  • Plus a What’s in Your Box This Month – covering details on each of the products included.

Customers are encouraged to feedback their comments on products via the www.project-b.com website and the ‘My Feedback’ pages.  The Project-B blog, housed on the website, also covers many pregnancy related topics.

Project-B was founded by mum-of-two Amber Bamford.  Amber says: “For many women, pregnancy is like embarking on this great big adventure without a map!  I created Project-B to nurture mum on that journey; giving her products to try out and ideas, information, tips and advice to read – all of which is tailored to each specific month of pregnancy.  Every box is designed to be beautiful and exciting to receive so mum-to-be feels nurtured, confident and informed.”

Market research affirmed Project-B’s place; Focus Group mum Sarah Honeywell says; “Becoming pregnant was the most thrilling and yet overwhelming experience. Suddenly I was completely responsible for this little thing inside me and there was just so much to think about.”

Project-B believes the journey doesn’t stop with each box, and supports mums-to-be on many platforms including: Facebook and Twitter.

Project B - Blue - LR
A Project B Box!

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