Urbanears Launch Listen To Yourself with Tove Lo!

Urbanears Launch Listen To Yourself with Tove Lo!

Have you heard of Urbanears? What about Tove Lo? Well… At the risk of sounding very old indeed, I have to admit that I hadn’t on either front when a rather interesting sounding invitation dropped into my inbox this summer. I was with my sister and her friend who are both about to turn 18 and when I read it out they had both heard of Urbanears (‘Oh yes’ said my sister ‘I have a speaker by them and it’s amazing. It can get wet and be dropped and it still works, perfect for taking to festivals and the sound’s brilliant too!’) and they’d both heard of Tove Lo (they would love to see her but sadly… they had to be at school so THAT’S what age buys me… Freedom to go and see this singer even if I’d not heard of her! Ha – always up for a party, if it finishes at a reasonable time, me)!

I had noted my sister’s fabulous speaker while we were on holiday and frankly, at this point, feeling old and past it, I was ready to be educated into the world of youth so I called up my buddy Emma from That’sTheWayTheCookieCrumbles and we headed to London for the launch party of the year – well… Perhaps not the launch party of the year but when you consider the parties that Cookie and I usually attend involve soggy party rings, tears over a pass the parcel and an inevitable sticky substance in your hair at the end of the games, it was pretty high on our agenda to see and be seen!

And we did!

Cookie and I setting off on our London road trip!

So… What was it all about?!

The party was part of London Fashion Week (I wore F&F from Tesco and she wore eBay – not sure that was the expectation but it was the best we could cobble together) to launch Listen To Yourself, a creative initiative by Urbanears for creative minds who listen to their inner voice and make this voice their guide. A stage for those curious souls who squeeze the most color out of life and like to express their unique personalities. Urbanears say they are committed to champion radical creativity at the intersection of music, fashion and technology by collaborating with present & future icons to create new and immersive product & brand experiences:

The colorful urban voices in the street we love to listen to. Those creators of style that are using their inner voice as tools to express their ideas and ideals.

With style and minimalism at the core of our identity, Urbanears headphones and speakers are a canvas for self-expression. In our collaboration with Tove Lo her inspiration was immediately drawn from her popular song ”Disco tits”.

The essence of her inspiration is manifested in a pair of Urbanears iconic headphones Plattan all covered in glitter, and the Urbanears speakers Stammen and Baggen smashed against a disco mirror ball.

For Tove Lo it was important to join our Listen to yourself movement because with so much influence from the outside world, the Swedish artist, songwriter and visual provocateur believes it’s difficult to keep a clear and free mind.

Headphones and music can create that safe space – listening to music can change a mood and bring out important emotions. Those emotions, for Tove Lo, are empowering to her fans. Her creative work with Urbanears is simply a unapologetic expression of glitter & love.

Tove performing at the party!

Now… I am pretty sure that Cookie and I were the oldest people in there. We were surrounded by pop stars and the cast of Made in Chelsea as we danced, played in a ball pool (I kid you NOT!), had our make up done, ate nice nibbly food which was yummy (I hadn’t made it, no one had licked it before it got to me and it was fancy – three ticks for that alone), drank one cocktail (damn being the designated driver at an open bar – although I did have a clear head the next day and that was welcome on the school run) and generally revelled in all the fabulousness. And it WAS fabulous! Plus the headphones and speakers looked wicked (I’m not sure if that’s what the young folk say these days but back in the 90s – which is the era they were all clearly trying to emulate in their clothes, it was very much THE word for something like these headphones. Which would, of course, have been considered something out of a bombastic sci fi ‘into the future’ movie in 1996 – I mean they don’t seem to have cords for one and they’re actually comfy. Personally I LIKE going back to the BIG, be it on screens of phones or of headphones (instead of trying to make everything smaller – stuffing earbud headphones in your lug holes just hurts. These are comfy)!

Talking of comfy that makes me sound old again and that brings me back to what we were wearing!

Cookie and I had been worried about what to wear but it turned out that we probably could have worn our pyjamas and fitted in – I mean one girl was in a wedding dress and another was wearing a Kappa tracky two piece… I wanted to tell her (and her mate who was wearing a Kangol hat) that neither had been the done thing for anyone worth their fashionable salt back in the REAL nineties but as I was wearing a dress I’d picked up in the supermarket I decided to keep my council… Frankly what would we know?! (Although I do have a bonafide Sweatershop jumper in my wardrobe at my Mum’s that I reckon I could have auctioned off in this room and made a song from – damn it)!

We do now know however that The Box in Soho is a hell of a night club. We also know that Tove Lo is pretty darn good live – we even recognised one of her songs (when I say ‘we’ I mean Cookie, not me) and she also flashed her boobs while she sang (clearly not the variety that have fed three babies and experienced stretching in the extreme)! Apparently, according to Kappa tracksuit twin set girl at any rate, this is something Tove does at every gig. Cookster and I pretended not to be shocked so as to sway people away from the fact that we were clearly the aged guests… And we also now know that we like Urbanears products and would buy them for ourselves AND our kids. And that there is almost certainly why my name was on that there guest list. It’s mums who buy the products for the kids after all – I mean they clearly have no earning capacity or money of their own (well, the kids at this particular party might but it’s probably in a trust fund until they’re 21 anyway) so it’s parents who really need to know! And now we do.

Urbanears are good quality (looking – like I said I’ve not tried them myself yet but I have it on good authority from my sister and the other kids we chatted to at the party) and they look great too. If your kids ask you for something from them for Christmas then I’d definitely go for it as the price tag isn’t awful either AND, major plus point here, you can borrow them for the rare moments you might actually get to listen to music, have a dance and a moment to yourself! Three things Urbanears afforded us that night so thank you to them – we had great fun partying like it was 1999 – although perhaps you can’t really say that when you leave at 11pm?!

Let it be known on the night of the new millenium eve in 1999 I did go to a dinner party, a pub (where I was involved in a fraccas), a nightclub AND a house party – so once upon a time I DID know how to party with the best of them and these days little tasters are enough! I am OLD!