Using your interests to pick your shoes

Using your interests to pick your shoes

Nothing says “buy me” quite like a colourful display of Nike shoes for sale. Known for their pleasing aesthetics, all of us have experienced heading straight for the Nike Sales counter based on what display looks like, before even starting to consider our individual needs. As humans, we are hard-wired to head for what is visually pleasing, but this is not the best strategy when that which is important, is not the visual component!

Make sure it fits right

There is no denying that modern shoes cost a LOT, and even more so when it is a sports shoe. It makes sense then, to reason that you should be buying the right thing for the amount of money you’re going to spend, isn’t it? Buying a shoe you like, but wearing it for a different purpose to that for which it was intended, puts you at risk of owning a pair of shoes destined to wear out before its time, due to incorrect use.

What job can you give the shoes?

Shoes are created with a specific intent in mind, and although it might seem like a good idea to spend a decent amount of money on a decent pair of shoes, consider first how you will be using them. Is it worthwhile to splurge on a pair of shoes that you might only wear once of twice, and if not, on what kind of shoes SHOULD you be spending more money? 

Your decision should be made based on the activities and environments that you habitually find yourself in. How you spend your time is what will dictate the type of shoes you should focus on for your lifestyle. Whether you are a walker, hiker, runner, or just spend a lot of time on your feet, you need a shoe that can accommodate the kind of stability you need for that activity.

The origin of the shoe

Different manufacturers make shoes in different ways, for different reasons, and that manufacturing quality is not guaranteed to be the same across the board. The only way to figure out what your best option is, is to try on the shoes to make sure they fit as they should.

Be careful of shoes that look sturdies than they are. When you inspect them before buying, make sure that the stitching is sound and not likely to give way after a few uses.

Teach yourself everything you can about shoes

When you go to the store, use that time to your advantage. Work with the shoes, twist and bend them, and make sure of their structural integrity and that they will be able to withstand the paces that you put them through. If you can find something with additional arch support, that will go a long way in improving the support and strength of the shoe.

Finally – don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the selection of shoes out there. Devise your strategy and stick to it, and before long you’ll be well on your way to your new pair of shoes.