5 Parenting Tips For Coping With Teenagers

5 Parenting Tips For Coping With Teenagers

Being a parent of a young child is difficult. You have to deal with the temper tantrums, sleepless nights, and the stresses that come from being a new mother or father. The good news is that it gets easier as they get older. But once they hit the ripe old age of thirteen, you’ll have to battle a whole new host of problems.

Teenagers are a tricky breed. Their bodies are changing and their hormones are going haywire. This is particularly difficult for them as it comes at the same time as crucial exams and increasing academic pressures. As a result, their behaviour can range from irritable and angry to sulky and introverted. For the first time in their life, they are starting to figure out who they are and establish their identity as separate from their family, and they often see their parents as an obstacle that gets in their way.

Being the parent of a teenager can be difficult and unrewarding at times. You bear the brunt of their mood swings and emotional outbursts, and it becomes harder and harder to control their behaviour. The threat of sending them to their room starts to lose its efficacy when they get older.

If your child has just become a teenager and you are struggling to handle the changes, here are five parenting tips for coping with adolescents.

Stay calm

Teenagers have an uncanny ability to push your buttons and wind you up, but you mustn’t give in. If you get angry and frustrated with them, it just shows them that this behaviour works and they will repeat it. Make a conscious effort to stay calm and this will not only make you a better parent but it will set an example for the desired behaviour to display in uncomfortable situations.

Maintain communication

Even though teenagers don’t like to open up to their parents, it’s essential you let them know they can always confide in them. Orchestrate situations to spend alone time with them, such as giving them lifts. Ask them general questions about their life, providing them with an opportunity to chat without being too probing. If you find it hard to get them to open up, try to talk about topics that interest them, whether it’s Call of Duty, Balenciaga clothing, or the latest TikTok video.

Respect their privacy

All teenagers need their privacy. Their bodies and minds are going through changes, and they are just starting to form their own identity. Show them you respect their privacy and don’t be offended when they choose to spend time on their own.

Don’t accept bad behaviour

All teenagers go through naughty phases, but you should make it clear that you won’t accept bad behaviour of any kind. If you don’t put your foot down, it will reinforce the idea that they can get away with whatever they want.

Show them you love them

No matter how difficult your teenager may be, you should always show them that you love and care about them. Give them a quick hug or make them their favourite dinner from time to time, just to let them know you are thinking about them without being too overbearing.