Weetabix Weetabuddies!

You know when children can’t say a word properly and then because their way of saying it is so sweet the whole family end up pronouncing it the way they do forever more? Well Weetabix is one of those words for us! We no longer call them Weetabix and instead we all refer to the healthy, yummy and filling breakfast as ‘waferbiscs’ because that is how Florence pronounced it when she was teeny tiny! We also eat a lot of ‘carbonana’ instead of carbonara, have ‘samidges’ for lunch instead of sandwiches and more recently (thanks to Jimmy) have started eating ‘ogurt’ instead of yogurt and eating ‘tickers’ for Malted Milk biscuits… Only Malted Milk mind, he’s very capable of saying the word biscuit for all other types! We’re probably mad but I know I’m not the only one who does this even though every text book says you shouldn’t and it impairs speaking – sometimes things are just sweet and they stick!

Florence has always been a fan of ‘waferbics’ and it’s very often breakfast of choice for both her AND Jimmy. Even when they was first weaning I found them to be great because if you leave the milk in long enough they go all gooey and squidgey which is perfect for a new eater! On top of that they’re quick, easy, tasty and they do the job of filling those little tummies very nicely indeed!

When we were asked if we’d like to use Weetabix (or waferbiscs if you’re us) to make some Weetabuddies and join in with the new Weetabix challenge, we jumped at the chance! Not only do we love Weetabix but we love a bit of fun food too and making little buddies for our breakfast is very definitely up our street!

Have you seen the adverts? We love them and used them as inspiration for our own creations – they’re SO much fun! I love the Dry January one…

Weetabix have created their ‘Weetabuddies’ (a range of characters to make breakfast a little more fun) and they invite you to make your own buddy just like we have done! You can meet all their characters hereThe campaign is all about encouraging families to get creative at breakfast whilst having a healthy start to the day and I have to say, Florence and Jimmy LOVED it! They ate SO many Weetabuddies while making them and have asked to do it again and again so I now know exactly how to get them eating good stuff on the days when they are refusing!

All I have to do is cut up some fruit, add a bowl of seeds, nuts and dried berries, a jug of milk and some of Weetabix's finest products and they're away!
All I have to do is cut up some fruit, add a bowl of seeds, nuts and dried berries, a jug of milk and some of Weetabix’s finest products and they’re away!

These are some of our buddies created entirely by Florence and Jimmy with no help whatsoever (I’m ridiculously proud of Jimmy, he’s only two and a half)!

Weetabuddies 1
One of Jimmy’s!
Weetabuddies 2
Florence wanted to copy one of the original Weetabuddies and this is her version!
Weetabuddies 3
And another of Florence’s creations!

We had a super fun time creating the buddies look!

Create your own Weetabuddies with your kids like we did and upload them here for the chance to win prizes everyday (and fame for your Weetabuddy)! Yes, I did say prizes, how cool is that! Fun and a chance to WIN a goodie, love it!

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