We’re Going To See Charlie And The Chocolate Factory!

Something very exciting is happening next week. I’m taking Florence to see ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘ in the West End! It’s not her first West End Musical as I took her to see ‘Wicked’ last summer and she loved it! She might be little but she sure knows her theatre and I’m so pleased that she enjoys it just as much as me!

The reason I’m so excited about ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is because it was one of my favourite books as a child! My Dad used to read me all the Roald Dhal books and he did the most brilliant voices, he made the pages come alive for me and the stories, which are so wonderful, we made even better for it!

Florence hasn’t been introduced to Roald Dhal yet but today, in preparation for our theatre trip, I went and bought her a copy of the book.


Florence with her brand new copy of ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’!

I thought we could read it a chapter at a time and hopefully finish it before the show in a week and a half’s time. This is a big mile stone because it’s her first proper book. The first big novel with chapters she will be read. It was, like I’m sure it was for many people my age, the first big book I was ever read as well! Just proves that Roald Dhal never goes out of fashion doesn’t it! Well, when something’s so brilliant!

As soon as I gave it to her she wanted to read the first chapter so we’ve just sat and enjoyed it together. Florence, of course, thought it was brilliant and we shall probably have another chapter before bed time when we will again read a bit more. I bet we finish it way before show day!

I simply cannot wait to see the West End production but I thought it was important that she had the book first! I wonder if the show will do the book justice? I expect so as just after we read the first chapter we watched the theatrical trailer and the show looks AWESOME!

Take a look…

How exciting!

I have not been paid to write this post.


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  1. Oh lovely you’re so lucky – this and Matilda are on my ‘must see’ list this year! Can’t wait to read all about it. xx

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