Where To Travel For Glamour In 2024!

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Where To Travel For Glamour In 2024!

Now that the world is back on its axis we can finally get back to planning travel for fun! And after a tricky few summers of not being able to swan off wherever we please there’s no better chance than now to choose glamour for your next trip itinerary, so why not go all in and book the vay-cay that involves packing your suitcase full of sequins and glamour!

A glamorous trip could come in many forms but which will you choose?!


Booking a cruise can encompass everything you love about a holiday from sunshine and beaches, to seeing European cities. And what they all have in common is the decadent lifestyle of being looked after, with your every need catered to. Dining out, seeing a show, fluttering in the casino and more… A cruise will welcome a lifestyle of relaxation and riches!

The UAE:

It’s not for everyone with its strict rules and religious beliefs but you simply cannot find a more glamourous destination than one of the UAE countries. You have to have a pocket full of gold to live up to the £100 bottle of wine with dinner but for a holidays, what an experience. Take in a show, see the sights and stay in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels!

La Vegas:

If there’s one place in the world made for glitz and glamour is Las Vegas baby! Sequins were created to be worn in Elvis’s second home and whether you choose to bet big in the mega casinos, or play the one armed bandits the experience is sure to come alongside a mimosa for breakfast and an unlimited buffet for supper! You don’t have to go to Las Vegas for gaming of course, there’s a range of high-quality slot websites that offer the best slots in the industry. Casino fans can combine them with various bonuses and promotions to improve their chances of winning, or they can enjoy them for free if they’re looking to play them for the thrill of it. Alternatively, they can go for platforms that feature table games and live casino titles. There are many such platforms available and all of them offer a secure stay with 24/7 customer service. So once you’re home from that holiday you can continue the vibe!

The Gold Coast:

If beaches are your thing then choosing Australia’s gold coast could be the best choice you’ve ever made. Sand as soft as silk and a jewel like sea will gift the most special beach experience while also offer the chance to fly on and spend time in Sydney, one of the most glamorous cities in the world!

The English Riviera:

You don’t have to jet off to far flung climes to find the charisma you’re looking for in a holiday of prestige, you can find that gem right here in Blighty if you know where to look! Cornwall is the playground for the rich and the famous, every summer, celebrities and glitteratti unite on the front line of the waves to see in the surf and enjoy cocktails for sun downers. There couldn’t be anything more glamorous than that!

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