Why Are You Anti-Psychiatrist?

Why Are You Anti-Psychiatrist?

Is it fear I wonder when people tell me that they are anti psychiatry? Because how can one be against something that has absolutely zero chance of harming? Talking, taking holistic approaches and embracing the traditional forms of medicine, when dealing with poor mental health, are absolutely not things to be ashamed of or dismissed as being nothing. We don’t judge people or tell them not to seek medical help when they break their arms or legs and neither should we when their minds are broken be that from traumatic incidents or a natural chemical imbalance in their brains. Yet there are plenty of people who simply do not hold trust or belief in medical professionals who can help heal their minds and perhaps that’s part of an illness in itself?

BetterHelp wants to retrain the thoughts of those who believe psychiatry is only for crazy people. Indeed, it is for everyone (although can we not all be a little crazy at times eh?!). Of course, we do have to remember that prevention is better than cure, and this is why 59 million people in America seek regular psychiatric help whether they feel they need it in the moment or not. Some of the rest of the world have some catching up to do when it comes to tackling the stigmas that lie around creating better mental health! We are all of us fallible in many ways and we could all come down with mental health problems like we could any other health issue. To poo poo the scientific management of our mental health is very short sighted and actually, very misunderstood to boot.

I wonder if half the disbelief in the need for psychiatrists is because we have a fear of the unknown and a misconception that Doctors in the field want to pill push. Just as with any other Doctor, a regular GP or another specialist, the idea in healing patients is very definitely to take the best course of action and when it comes to psychiatry this often does not involve medication at all but the healing power of talking. I often discuss how I believe talking and conversations, especially around difficult issues in our lives, can help us maintain the happy and healthy but having a professional to talk to is invaluable in ways friends and family often cannot be. Impartiality as well as expertise being the name of the game in lots of cases.

It basically all boils down to self-care at the end of the day. Self-care is a buzz word and it’s very fashionable to be involved in the healing aspects of taking a bath, going to the spa, painting your nails and looking after yourself. Believing in looking after your mind is no different and the bones of being in self-care mode is to accept that.

What’s the point in being anti something you don’t know much about without fully investing your knowledge into how therapies like psychiatry could help you? I am a firm believer in being open to everything and anything that can make us happier individuals because really there is nothing more important than being healthy of body and of mind when it comes to happiness – the desired surely by everyone!

Opening your heart as well as your mind will invite you into a world where happiness is for the taking and your mental well-being can only be enhanced by such levels of true self-care!