Why Every Mum Needs ‘Me Time

Why Every Mum Needs ‘Me Time

Being a mum is great, of course, but there is one downside. Busyness! 

We’re sure you’ll agree, especially if you’re a parent yourself. 

From the moment your children wake up to the moment they go to bed, you will be at their beck of call for much of the day. From cleaning up after them to managing their school drop-offs, you will be a busy bee indeed with very little time to yourself. This is one of the reasons why you need me-time. Whether you enjoy the neverending list of jobs you have to do or not, it is important to take a break from that once in a while and have time to yourself. You deserve the rest and this is something we hope your family appreciate.

This is one reason why me-time is important and here are some others.

You will remember who you are

We aren’t saying you don’t know who you are, but it may be that you have forgotten some of your individuality. Your role as a mother may have overtaken other aspects of your life that have been lying dormant for a while, such as the creative side of your personality. But if you can take time off from your mum role occasionally, you might be able to reconnect with the sides of your life where you have lost focus, and find yourself again.

You will become a much calmer person

For all we know, you might be a calm person already. Your kids could lay waste to your bathroom and you might still be able to react in a peaceful and zen-like manner! On the other hand, you may be frazzled and stressed. This is because of the tiredness you might sometimes feel when you have been chasing around after your kids all day. For this reason, you might get short-tempered occasionally, snapping at people around you, be that at your children, your friends, or other members of your family. Me-time would give you the rest you needed and hopefully, you should then be a much calmer mum, partner, and friend after relaxing. 

It’s important to love yourself

You love your kids, of course, but you also need to love yourself! It’s about showing yourself self-care, as you need to focus on your health, your hopes and dreams, and the creative pursuits that make you feel happy.  When you have me-time, you will have the opportunity to focus on all of your wider needs, so don’t devalue your own importance. 

So, what can you do with your me-time? Well, you could:

  • Go for a walk by yourself
  • Read books by the authors you enjoy
  • Have a pamper night – here are some pampering ideas
  • Enjoy a long, hot soak in the bath
  • Catch up with friends that you  haven’t seen for a long time
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Binge-watch something on TV – check out this  list of SKY TV deals or consider Netflix

Or anything else besides. In short, do whatever makes you happy. It is your time, after all!

So, schedule time in your week, book a childminder if you need to, and make time for me-time. It will benefit you and it will benefit your family when you come back to them relaxed and rejuvenated.