Have You Got A Wicked Uncle – A Brilliant Way To Buy Gifts!

I think we all remember having at least one relative who would buy us something very random every birthday and Christmas? Sometimes something inappropriately aged (my husband’s best mate bought Jimmy a Nerf Gun for his 2nd birthday which he LOVED but… Being an 8+ toy it probably was coming to me to get shot in the eye at close range when I let him play with it). And othertimes, as well meaning as the present buying is in the first place, it would be something that just isn’t wanted at all… And that’s just a waste of money!

I hate wasting money, mine or anyone else’s!

And while it should always be about the thought, the kindness and saying thank you EVEN if you don’t like it… (and we should teach our children this rule), wouldn’t it be better if the person spending the money actually got something that the child really would like? Less money wasted and when the thanks are given they also are REALLY pleased with what’s been given to them.

At the end of the day no one goes out of their way to buy something that someone won’t like but… If you don’t know then you just don’t know. We always buy things we THINK people will like because otherwise what’s the point. I have friends who have entirely different taste to me so there’d be no point in buying something that I like but they wouldn’t and it’s easy, with adults, to know what someone else is into and buy for them rather than yourself. But… With children it’s rather more tricky.

Now if you have a 4 year old boy and a 6 year old girl like me then you will KNOW what a 4 year old boy and a 6 year old girl would like… There’s stuff they’re ALL into, big and small. So the tast of choosing birthday gifts for friends is really very easy but… What if you don’t have children of a particular age and what if you don’t have children at all yet?

Take my brothers for example. They’re lovely and kind and really great with my children. We don’t get to see them very much but when we do, my kids know them regardless. Like an inbuilt magnet of knowing who ‘your people’ are. At my cousin’s wedding in the summer both Florence and Jimmy sat on their lap and cuddled them and wanted to be around them and they’re brilliant with them. They’re both in their twenties, neither one is married and neither one has babies of their own but they chat to the children and play with them and frankly we all think they’re pretty fab! But… Would they know what to buy the children for a present without a helping hand?

Hmmm. They might but… They might just buy the Nerf Gun like Jonny’s best mate… My cousin (Aunty Helen) DOES know and she doesn’t have kids of her own either so I do wonder if it’s a gender thing but… Nomatter if your male or female, if you’re struggling to know what to buy for kids in the family this Christmas then look no further than WickedUncle.co.uk.


Wicked Uncle is a one stop shop for buying children’s gifts and getting it right without so much as leaving your sofa. No getting in a tizz in john Lewis wondering if this might be good or that perhaps? No having to loiter around like a lunatic trying to find a family with kids you ‘think’ are the same age and then asking the Mum… No! Just log on and let the website find the perfect gift for you.

Input the age of the child and the gender if you want to be specific and then a list of everything suitable will appear for you to peruse. You can then narrow it down with categories so if you know your neice likes craft things then choose that option and again a list of just the suitable things for her will come up. Now, I had a look for all different ages with both boys and girls, chose different categories and every time it came up with things I know the age and gender bracket would love.

I asked my brother if he’d be up for giving it a go and within 48 hours the gifts were delivered to our address (no postage for Uncle) with a gift card AND a postcard to say thanks and send back – now that’s forward planning and covering EVERYTHING. He could have chosen to gift wrap and would have been given options of suitable wrapping and he got to leave a personal message. THIS my friend, is genius!


The gifts range in prices but are extremely reasonable and the delivery charge is minimal making it a FAB option so… If you’ve got a wicked Uncle then send him their way because I can guarantee, everyone will be happy!

Aren't these cool!
Aren’t these cool!
And Florence is gonna LOVE this. It's age 6+ and a real brain teaser which is just up her street!
And Florence is gonna LOVE this. It’s age 6+ and a real brain teaser which is just up her street!

We were gifted some credit to try the service out at Wicked Uncle and I highly recommend it – thumbs up from the Rocknrollerbaby household!