Willows Activity Farm Halloween Half Term!

Willows Activity Farm Halloween Half Term!

Willows is just about our favourite farm ever! It used to take us about half an hour to get there from East London but we still travel the two hours it takes now from our new house in Norfolk because… Well, you would have to visit to truly get an idea about why we love it so but for now you’ll have to take my word for it, the place is BRILLIANT!

Ok, so on an ordinary day at Willows Activity Farm there’s so much to do for your entry price (everything is included in your ticket with no hidden extras calling for the kids to ask for money all the time) and booking on line will save you money so make sure you do that in advance. It’s hard for me to pin point a specific price as they have different entry tickets for different days of the week etc but for the half term week and their pumpkin festival (where you get to take a pumpkin home for FREE), the most expensive ticket is £19 which is pretty mega. For this you have the biggest abundance of activities on offer including having all weather bases covered as the indoor soft play centre is like a giant theme park in itself with something from very tiny ones right up to… If I’m totally honest, me! I blooming LOVE those slides!

All activities are included – even ones you would ordinarily have to pay change for like this one!

Let’s just give you a little low down on what you can expect for this time of year on a day out at Willows… Pat a pet, fun fair rides, meet peter Rabbit characters (the Peter Rabbit play areas – both of them are amazing), tractor rides, meeting animals, country fun fair, shows, cow milking, sheep racing, feeding animals, panning for gold, JCB young drivers zone, rare breed animals, indoor play for all ages, bouncy hay stacks, chicken egg dodge and much more! let’s not forget the Pumpkin festival where you get to pick your own pumpkin from the patch which runs from the 25th of October to the 4th of November! Also for Halloween half term they will be holding daily competitions to win fabulous prizes for the best Halloween themed fancy dress, and for the best carved pumpkin if you’ve taken advantage of their Carving Cavern to keep the mess at Willows – I would SO do that! They have a spellbinding daily programme packed with arts and crafts, the Pumpkin Olympics and magic shows with some spectacular spooky pumpkin tricks.

Pat a pet!
Panning for gold!
Tristan the Runaway Tractor!
Animal feeding!
Peter rabbit play area for ALL ages!
Fair ground rides – this was a lot tamer than my big two are making it look!
Loads of play equipment!
Bouncy castles, trampolines, obstacle courses…
Absolutely loads of well looked after and happy animals!
Soft play for littles as well as bigs!

I am just so annoyed that our half term here in Norwich seems to be a week earlier than Hertfordshire meaning we missed out on all of this pumpkin fun they are having from now until after Halloween! We didn’t however, miss out on Willows in general as you can see above – we had a BRILLIANT time and it was actually really lovely to see the place on a non ‘special event’ date as we’d not done that before. Man the entry price is worth it for all you get, I know I keep banging on but it really is! If we lived closer I’d buy an annual ticket (we all know how much I love an annual) in a heartbeat! We had the most brilliant day there regardless of our council choosing ridiculous dates for the school holiday and not being able to pick a pumpkin!

We didn’t get to do loads of stuff we wanted as always because there simply isn;t enough time in one day to see it all. We missed, regrettably, sheep racing and a show! Gutted! But all the more reason to go back and actualy my big two are desperate to have a VIP experience with the Willows Sheep dog where they teach you how to herd ducks – I mean HOW fun is that?! 75 minutes of a lesson and how much fun. It costs £45 per child so what a treat! We are definitely going back for that one I can assure you! I am exhausted this half term but all of our trips have been worth it, especially Willows! Yet another beautiful visit where all three of my children got to have super fun despite them all being different ages. Last time we visited was for the Santa Spectacular last year and Raffie was a tiny baby, amazing that on this visit he got to enjoy the soft play for tiny ones, have fun in the Peter Rabbit play area and enjoy seeing all the animals!

The JCB area which will lend half of itself to the ice rink at Christmas, proved a hit with Raffie!

For Florence it’s always about those amazing drop slides in soft play along with racing around outside, fairground rides, holding guinea pigs and seeing the wonderful shows!

The fairground rides are awesome!

While Jimmy wouldn’t ever miss a thing – he loves it all!

Jimmy just races around having fun on every visit – his smile is permanent for the entire visit!

We all just love it! Honestly Willows has it ALL!

Outdoor play!
Family time!
Sibling love!

What I especially adore about this farm is that they go all out whatever the season and transform the park into a wonderland for every festivity. And we adore all of the seasons but… Our favourite has to be the Santa Spectacular every year! I can’t wait to see what will be new for 2018 because every year they excel themselves and I don’t know how they do it! I also don’t know where they store all their amazing decorations which make up Santa’s Grotto – Each child takes a token which they can exchange for any toy they like in Santa’s workshop after visiting him and on top of that they get to make their own soft toy in the create a cuddle workshop, decorate gingerbread men, see an exciting 3D film, go to elf academy, write a letter to Santa, do a challenge to get some magic reindeer dust and more… Oh and of course there’s all the regular Willows stuff too of course! The most expensive ticket for this is £38 (this is a door price on the most expensive date so do check their site as I can see prices as low as £30 and under twos, adults and seniors are much cheaper! This price might sound high but when you think about what you get for it it’s blooming amazing! My local zoo is charging non members £35 just to go in early and have breakfast with the bug man (I assume he can’t stay all day as he’ll be needed at willows of course) which sounds positively rubbish next to what Willows have on offer!

Christmas we are high rolling towards you and can’t wait to kick it off at Willows! We had an AWESOME time this half term on our visit but… We just know the Santa Spectacular will be EVEN better!

We were invited to Willows Activity Farm as guests.