A Wintry Summer Half Term!

Looking out of my window this morning and it’s hard to believe a week ago we’d had gale force northerly winds during rain storms which were so cold it felt like winter. Of course it was half term… Such is always the way don’t you think. We seem to spend summer days at school and work then the minute the weekend hits and out come the clouds. I know you can’t predict or count on the weather, not in the UK at any rate, but it did feel mighty unfair!

When I was younger and went out to work, if I found myself poorly on a Saturday or Sunday then I would always compensate myself with a ‘sick day’ during the week. It felt only fair (to me at least) and I can’t help but think about perhaps making up half term to the kiddos by adopting the same philosophy. We just spent so much of it indoors, bored and with cancelled plans. A camping trip had to be canned because it was too cold and really it was just a very strange week indeed. We did have fun and enjoyed being all together but it wasn’t what as great as it could have been if the weather had just been dry at the very least… Oh well!

It was the last holiday before Florence goes into year one and Jimmy starts proper big school. Where has the time gone? My baby boy is going to be away from me all week and I am miserable at the thought. I feel like I was born to be at home with babies and now they’re not babies anymore it makes me a bit depressed… I realise that for lots of people it marks getting back to normal but for me, I’m just not ready. We’re trying ery hard to have baby number three so perhaps it won’t be too long before I get to be at home with a baby once more. I don’t want to stop my kids growing up and Jimmy is SO ready for school but I’m not ready to not have a little one about so fingers crossed and watch this space! Here’s what we got up to over the past couple of weeks and the holiday which included jumping at High Altitude in Norwich (trampoline fun – brilliant), feeding the giraffes at Banham Zoo (amazing experience), a visit with friends (Katy from Modern Mummy and her brood) to London and an old fave in the Transport Museum, a trip to stay with Grandad and welcoming two little baby kittens into our new home – I never feel a house is a real home until you have a cat and now we have two of the cutest which have been named Fuzzy (by Jimmy) and Blossom (by Florence)!

Until the next time!

High Altitude Post 2High Altitude Post 12High Altitude Post 23

We had great fun as a whole family at High Altitude and thoroughly recommend looking for the special slots for children as they're much cheaper!
We had great fun as a whole family at High Altitude and thoroughly recommend looking for the special slots for children as they’re much cheaper!
Transport Museum 3
Larking about in Covent Garden!
Transport Museum 4
Fun with friends!
Transport Museum 2
A rare picture of these fab four all together!
The Transport Museum is one of our faves!
The Transport Museum is one of our faves!
A windy and cold day at the beach!
A windy and cold day at the beach!
Giraffe feeding at Banham Zoo!
Giraffe feeding at Banham Zoo on a sunny day just before half term started – of course!
Kittens Post
Introducing Blossom on the left and Fuzzy on the right!
Florence and Phoebe Post
Florence with her favourite person ever – my sister and her Auntie phoebe!
Jimmy Waterslide Post
And as soon as it’s back to school for Florence, the sun comes out! Water fun in the garden HAD to be done. Boy I’m gonna miss this little boy when he starts school in September!