Would You Work For Free?!

It has come to my attention that a lot of bloggers look down their noses at those of us who partake in sponsored posts. I don’t know why anyone would have an aversion to someone else making some money but apparently sometimes they do.

I have heard it said that if some people come across a post which has been paid for they won’t read it and I don’t know why for that either? Apparently they wouldn’t lower themselves to reading what is nothing more than an advert. I have to say… Hang on a minute!

I mean just because I’ve been paid for something doesn’t mean I haven’t written it well? If you like reading my posts then surely you will like them whether I’ve written them for free or not? Everything I write for my blog has been thought about and composed with the same approach. I write and I want to write something worth reading. If I am being paid I probably take even more care because, well, I’m doing a job!

I wouldn’t ever go into a restaurant and say to the waitress that I’d rather she didn’t serve me a coffee because she is being paid to do so and could I perhaps have a volunteer instead and I would never refuse to take my shopping to the till in Aldi (or any other supermarket – this is not a sponsored post) because the cashier is paid to be there… This is how our economy works. We all do a job and get paid for it and then spend our money somewhere else where other people are doing a job and getting paid for it. Why such snobbery over bloggers writing for a living?

Every single post I write myself, even if I am being paid, is composed and thought about and I put my soul into it. Every single post I write myself, whether I am adding in a link for money or not is prepared in the same way and I hope I make them all interesting or funny or helpful…

Sometimes I am paid to host a piece written by someone else but I’m not an idiot, I do read these posts first and if I think they’re worth reading only then will I accept. I do turn down the rubbish you know!

There’s a lot of snobbery in this blogging community and all I have to say to it is this: TWO FINGERS. Or maybe one, bet you can guess which! I’m making money, I’m doing what I’m good at and good for me for doing so. You don’t like it? Lump it I’m afraid!

I have not been paid for this post.Ā 

7 thoughts on “Would You Work For Free?!

  1. I think each to their own, it’s your domain, your piece of the internet and you do with it what you want. šŸ™‚ I am open to sponsored posts IF I feel the content is relevant to my blog and of interest to me so I have turned many down that I don’t feel are in keeping with my blog. I am also one of those who chooses not to do follow links. As a result I don’t do many “sponsored posts” and probably do lose out income wise as many SEO’s etc want follow but it’s my personal decision to do that. It’s all about personal choices and who are we to judge šŸ˜‰ x

  2. Totally agree and judging by the number of bloggers who respond to sponsored post requests- it seems many others do too. It seems the ‘cool’ thing to be dismissive of them. Well credit those of who do them with the intellect to make informed decisions and the ability to write a decent post. Paid or not!

  3. Very well said!
    I hate the snobbery which surrounds sponsored posts. I write them and I take a lot of time and effort over them too.
    It enables me to be able to stay at home to look after the kids and not have to payout for someone else to look after them.

    I happily read sponsored posts. They are generally very well written and engaging, and just because it may contain a paid for link does not deter from the time and effort spent writing it.

  4. Very well said and all your posts are always thoroughly written!!

    I too think people feel they’re better if they say they don’t accept sponsored posts or follow links yet will still accept reviews often of items with less value than they could sell a sponsored post for and lots of reviews are sponsored posts in disguise.

    SEO’s are treated as being worse than PR and yes some have very dodgy practices but the good ones are offering far more than a PR and sometimes genuinely good content or experiences to create it around (which is my favourite).

    I also stay out of the follow/nofollow debate too mostly. How much do Google charge o sit you in the paid ads at top of search I wonder? I don’t believe they want to stop link building so search is natural, they want to stop the activity to monopolise internet advertising.

  5. Well said (or written) I’m the same as you, I write all sponsored content in the same voice that I write my own posts in and attempt to be as natural as possible… only writing about things when I can achieve that!

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